Introducing the Agony Aunt

Slipping and sliding through university can sometimes be tricky… Introducing The Bubble’s new Agony Aunt column to guide you through the ups and downs of student living! Email your queries and I will mull on them and sometimes turn to experts and friends to source what I see as the best possible advice I can muster. Whether you’re struggling with a tricky housemate, you feel slightly lost in the sea of couples in Durham or you’re pondering growing out your armpit hair Sophia Loren style  – The Bubble wants to hear from you! This column will provide an outside perspective on a range of issues that we all experience as young people and students, and I hope it will convey that the emotions and uncertainties we experience at this age are somewhat universal, and offer comfort and some entertainment. There is no pretension of expertise – just a promise of an empathetic ear and the offer of some thoughts on your issue from the angle of an anonymous peer – and you can be as anonymous as I am, no need to tell me your name, age or anything you don’t deem relevant. I can’t claim to be a wise old soul or a self-help guru – just a slightly better alternative to an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Please email your questions, dilemmas or queries!


With love, a 2nd year humanities student who is also trying to get it right one tentative Berocca at a time…

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