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Embracing TED’s “ideas worth spreading” mantra, TEDx Durham University is bringing a suite of thought-provoking talks to the North East. Delivered by some of the most sensational speakers from a range of disciplines spanning the sciences, arts, politics and psychology, this event truly has something for everyone. 

For those who don’t know, TED talks are enterprising and engaging forums for the sharing of eye-opening and often revelatory ideas subjects. Taking place globally, the TEDx Program brings together individuals and groups who vary widely in their vocation but who all share the same values of enterprise, creativity and curiosity. 

These talks are not your usual lecture – they are refined catalysts for the sparking of debate and discussion, bias-free speeches engineered to challenge preconceptions and to educate on challenging topics with unconventional, applicable advice on how to maximise your day and your life.

This year’s TEDx Durham University conference, designed and arranged by volunteer Durham University students, marks the fifth year-running of the celebrated and much anticipated event. Subjects explored in previous conferences include the Power of Positive Thinking, Entrepreneurship and Investing, Feminism, Leadership, and a powerful exploration of one speaker’s embattled mentality in Sharon Sutton’s talk ‘Me, Bipolar and I’ that you can watch here.

Held at the Radisson Hotel on Wednesday 6th June, 2018’s conference on the theme of ‘Dare To Be’ will feature10 speakers from a variety of backgrounds addressing a multitude of topics in a day-long event that is certain to resonate in a unique way with every attendee. 

TEDx Durham University student volunteers

Tickets (that include a free lunch and coffee/networking breaks) go on sale on Tuesday 13th March, but based on the speed with which they sold out in previous years it is advised you keep up to date with developments and sales on the conference’s Facebook page, found here.

The event promises a perspective-changing insight into vital issues of the modern world and an unparalleled opportunity to meet leaders, innovators and trailblazers in a number of disciplines. Don’t miss out on this outstanding and immersive experience!


James Murphy is a postgraduate Masters student in International Relations and one of the Creative editors and photographers at The Bubble. Writing and reading have always been a major and loved part of his life, whether it’s poetry or analyses of Asian economic markets. 

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