Zephyr – Set to make waves on the Durham scene?

Zephyr and Chris Noade are hosting their debut Durham gig at Fabios Bar on the February 21st – why not join them?

We spoke to Zephyr:

What’s the crack? I’m playing a gig with my co-artist Chris Noade, who’ll be on the vocals, alongside being supported by funk band Wildcard. For the event we’re planning on mixing live music with electronic parts adding to the layering. The lineup consists of R&B/Dancehall/Funk current and classic hits, alongside some of my own material I made with vocalist Chris Noade. All of that for free entry too!

The Line up

What lead you to this point? I was brought up on guitar and I’ve been songwriting for as long as I can remember. Got into production and professionally making songs 3 years ago and have been looking to improve myself ever since. This is my first gig as ‘Zephyr’.

What have you been doing recently? I just released my collab debut single “In the Middle” (17/01/18) which will be followed up by the full EP, “Drifting” on the 24th of January  Chris Noade provides vocals on this project.

What are you doing in the future? After the event I’m intending on following up with gigs up until the summer, whilst more material is currently being recorded and will be released in the near future.

Where can we find out about more information? The event is at Fabios bar in Durham, 66 Saddler Street. The amount of planning/rehearsal going into it is going to make it something you really don’t want to miss (I’m talking lighting, smoke machines, free stuff, etc). DJ Tom Wright will be providing a short opening set!  Check the Facebook event out for more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1418265911617695/?ti=icl


Listen to the new single on spotify!


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