What if- ?

Don’t tell anybody. Don’t mess this up.

Don’t let them feed on the lies that they’ve cut.

Don’t make a sound. Don’t let it out.

Don’t try to fight against their tendency to doubt.


Don’t talk to her. Don’t talk to him.

We don’t care about the demons he placed in.

Don’t let it slip, don’t fall apart.

Just turn on the light if you’re in the dark.


Hide in a room, stained with gold.

Feed them the ambitions, that you have been told.

What do you mean; the world is a void?

You should be grateful for the money, bed, spoils.


But what if the bed is a fire burned in hell…

When your mind repeats the ‘story’ that you tell?

What if the music, that once took away all your pain,

Every word, every lyric, reminds you of the day?


What if your face, and hers, and his

Carries the anxiety and you cease to exist?

What if the moment that you close your eyes,

You feel the clench from your stomach and eyes?


What if you can’t shut up?

What if you crumble to bits?

What if you feel empty, nothing?

What is?


Featured image by Tirthankar Gupta, available under Creative Commons 2.0 licence

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