TV at Christmas – a very random selection of TV Christmas specials.

It is the most wonderful time of the year again, for TV too? 

If you are not already in the festive spirit, here is a list of the most random selection of TV Christmas specials to have a look at and bring you a little Christmas cheer

1. Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special – 2008

First released 14 years ago now, this Christmas special continues to be brilliant, this must be why I rewatch it every single year! Written by Ruth Jones and James Corden, the joy of this show comes from the everyday observations, they give the limelight to those comical moments in your average family Christmas. There are so many moments in this show which make it a must see every Christmas, but the crown must go to the one and only Pamela Shipman, played by Alison Steadman. From her turkey impressions, during her vegetarian Christmas I must say, to her role play as Camila with husband Charles (I mean Mick), Pam really steals every scene.  

Now go forth with this festive wisdom from the queen herself  (btw you’re already a month late!). 

“What’s the point of sending cards on Christmas Eve? They get taken down in a few days. That is why I send my cards on November 1st, that way it gives people seven weeks to enjoy them!’

Where to watch – BBC Iplayer


2. Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned – 2007

Okay confession first, I have never actually seen an episode of Doctor Who! However, I have been informed that Christmas is not actually Christmas until the Doctor appears and this is apparently the Christmas special that tops the rest. Set in David Tennant’s time as the Doctor this Christmas special apparently involved the Titanic, Space and Kylie Minogue, this bizarre mix of characters and plot is actually making me want to watch it. However, I have been informed it might make me cry. So tissues on Christmas list is definitely required.

Available to watch – BBC Iplayer 


3. The Simpsons, “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire” – 1989

Series 1, episode 1 of this long airing iconic TV show was a Christmas episode. America’s favourite yellow family really captured the magic of Christmas which is family, well family arguments. When Bart gets a tattoo and Marge has to spend the entirety of the family’s Christmas budget on its removal. Also Christmas Wishes, when Homer works as a shopping mall Santa, only to blow all of the money he earned betting on a greyhound dog race. Ever wondered where their dog ‘Santa’s little helper’ was from? It was the greyhound, Homer backed who came last place in the race losing all his money but adopting their in dog the end. Really the more you know. 

Where to watch – Disney+


4. Dash and Lily – 2020

So not really a Christmas episode but a Christmas TV show. This cute whimsical holiday romance is everything you’d want in a Christmas series! Lily, an optimist who loves Christmas and Dash, a cynic who hates Christmas, swap a little red notebook throughout the Christmas week convincing each other why they should love or hate the festive period. They spend the time getting to know each other and sending the other person on adventures through New York City. I would say it is a perfect watch if you are wanting a cosy evening in, with hot chocolate and a lot of blankets. 

Available this Christmas on – Netflix


5. A Very Glee Christmas – 2010

The only way to make your Christmas even more magical… Sue Sylvester dressed as the Grinch!

Saving the best till last! Your favourite Mckinley high school students bring you some Christmas jingles and festive cheer. Renditions of ‘Baby it’s Cold outside’ from Kurt and Blaine plus ‘Last Christmas’ sung by Rachel and Finn can be heard adding to the magic of a possible Christmas romance. Juxtaposing that with ‘You’re a Mean one Mr Grinch’ played when Sue Sylvester steals Christmas. They really pack a lot into this 40 minute or so episode and what more can we expect from Glee. So if you want a little bundle of chaotic, but also iconic energy, get watching. 

Where to watch – Disney+ 

Some other honourable mentions: 

  • Friends – the Holiday Armadillo (Netflix)
  • Downton Abbey – Christmas at Downton Abbey (Netflix)
  • Black Mirror, White Christmas (Netflix)
  • Any Call the midwife Christmas special (Netflix)
  • Gilmore Girls – The Bracebridge Dinner (Netflix)

Feature image –Brett Sayles on Pexels

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