Your guide to TV this Valentine’s Day

There’s no escaping it- Valentine’s Day is upon us. You can’t walk past Sainsburys without seeing a cringey display, and no doubt your newsfeed will be full of sickening posts on Thursday. Rumour has it that even Greggs has got a Valentine’s Day event- is nothing sacred?

If you’re single, what can be better this Valentine’s Day than completely ignoring the celebration and moving on with your life with some good TV?

And if you’re in a relationship, I would recommend skipping the overpriced restaurant where you’ll be surrounded by other couples and feel really uncomfortable, and have some crisps (and maybe even a heart shaped chocolate if you’re feeling romantic) in front of the TV with your partner!

Also, if you’re in between, TV is definitely the way to spend the night. Going on a date would be way too far, but you do want to spend some time together? We’ve got you.

Here’s The Bubble’s guide of what to watch!

BBC’s ‘Death in Paradise’

Yes, this programme is absolutely ridiculous. Yes, the same thing happens EVERY SINGLE WEEK. But, there’s something so infectiously happy about this show, even if it is about murder. The relationships between the characters are so heartwarming. It’s very lighthearted and easy to follow, meaning it doesn’t matter if you miss a line over the sound of your partner munching on crisps- always good to avoid an argument! What’s more, if Durham’s weather is getting you down, seeing the tropical island is always a nice break! And who can resist that theme tune? 

Netflix’s ‘Conversations with a killer- The Ted Bundy Tapes’

A little less fun, but absolutely fascinating. If you’re looking for something really interesting, but also something dark that’s going to freak you out at night, this is the show for you. Warning: it’s very addictive. If you’re like me and have zero self control, you’ll stay up all night watching it. It’s definitely not recommended for those with summatives this week. 

BBC’s Silent Witness

An absolute classic. Silent Witness is coming to the end of its 22nd series. It’s been going a long time, and is great fun. I find myself screaming at the TV every time I watch Nikki Alexander doing something ridiculous and not in the job description of a pathologist. However, if you can get beyond that and just enjoy it, I’d definitely recommend. There have been some interesting and more diverse storylines this season, and they seem to have been very delicately handled. 

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