Why do they keep cancelling great TV shows??

I don’t know if you have noticed this as well but big streaming services seem to really like cancelling popular TV shows, and they always appear to be the ones I really like. So below I have selected a few of the many TV shows I think were cancelled far too soon, and wrote about them,  really just to release some of the frustration I have about it. Warning Spoilers ahead! 


The Society 

For this show, think Lord of the Flies meets highschool, add in a bit of drama and murders and you’ve got a show. The plot revolves around a group of highschoolers who in the first episode go on a mysterious bus ride, only to return back to their town to find everyone else has vanished. Their new found freedom is fun at first, but then they must learn how to live in this dystopian, lawless state to avoid it becoming dangerous. This is where friendship disputes can go further than just giving one another the silent treatment. Therefore, the group needs to establish order, by electing someone to be in charge, also form alliances in order to survive. This show really had the potential to be a staple on Netflix, yet it was cancelled despite its popularity. This was due to reasons of high cost and the Pandemic. However, it was very unfair how they cancelled it, by ending season 1 on a massive cliffhanger. The final episode saw the group making discoveries of how they came to be separated from the rest of the town, where they in a different universe, did something take the rest of town??? We will never know as it was cancelled before we could find out, therefore we can only speculate but will never know for sure, quite frustrating! 


I am not okay with this 

Yet another show to fall victim to cancellation during the pandemic, and excuse the pun but ‘I am not okay with this’. This show is about teenager Sydney dealing with high school anxieties, complex family life, sexuality, oh and they’ve also got superpowers. This show was a hit with its time bending theme, making it unclear which era this show was actually set. It was a refreshing watch compared to other teenager highschool programmes. With really good representation of identity and sexuality, authentic and raw relationships and character development. This show was full of potential and possibilities, which is why people have claimed it to have been ‘unlawfully cancelled’ and filming should have resumed as soon as it was safe to do so.


Everything Sucks 

The year is 1990 something, and in a time without google and 21st century technology, life seems a little simpler for outcasts in the AV Club and Drama team. Frustrated from always being the weird kids that no one talks to in school, the two classically labelled ‘nerd’ groups decide to join forces in their efforts to become popular, by making a movie. With the usual teenage issues of first crushes and hormones, it is very sweet to watch. When the president of the AV club falls in love with the principal’s daughter, Kate, to say she doesn’t exactly reciprocate the feeling. As in the show, Kate is dealing with her own identity and coming to terms with her sexuality. The fact that the show ends before Kate can come out to her dad, is quite upsetting. Agreed this show could have perhaps benefited from a few pieces to be more ironed out and developed. However, for a coming of age drama that was really quite sensitive, it is inspiring to many, particularly younger viewers. However, judging by the fact this was released and cancelled in 2018,  it is not looking very hopeful for a reboot. 


Anne with an E 

Okay, so this one I did just include because honestly I reckon this is one of my favourite TV shows, and I will forever say it was cancelled far too soon. Adapted from the Anne of Green Gables books by L.M Montgomery. This reimagination of a classic is truly one of the most well developed stories I have ever seen. Keeping with the classic storyline for this coming of age drama, when a young and ambitious orphan girl who is only seeking love and acceptance is mistakenly sent to Prince Edward Island, to live with Cuthberts, this confusion will turn out to be the best mistake ever made. The Cuthberts along with the rest of the island are taken aback and so curious about Anne’s unique spirit, energy, imagination and talent, that they grow to fall in love with her. Making so many clumsy mistakes along the way Anne learns what it is finally like to have a home and people who care for her. It is truly wonderful to watch unfold on the screen. The show takes the story of Anne with an E so much further than the book does though. Through including characters and themes that would not have been accepted in 1800’s Canada, the writing of this show navigates it all in the most perfect and fitting way. I would honestly rewatch this show every month. However, it was cancelled after 3 seasons, yet it still had so much more to give as it left us with Anne starting college and her navigating young adulthood. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact this show doesn’t have more seasons!!


There you go then, just an example of a few shows that I think were cancelled far too soon and made me very frustrated at Netflix for, because I’ll never know what happens next. But worry guys we’ve got like 6 or 7 (I don’t know how many series they are now!) of Riverdale, so what’s not to love !!

Feature image by  Michael Dziedzic on Upsplash

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