Top Ten Most Memorable Celebrity Chat Show Moments

10) Harry Style and Ian McKellen

This beautiful moment witnessed two celebrities from opposite ends of the spectrum – an actor who holds a special place in the nation’s hearts and a teen pop star – having a beautiful public display of affection. Not only was Ian McKellen sporting his One Direction T-shirt, but he actually talked about one of their concerts he had been to! Harry meanwhile spoke on behalf of his generation, telling Ian McKellen, “You’re amazing!” The resulting snuggle was just beautiful.

Harry Styles and Ian McKellen share a moment.

9) Mark Ruffalo and James McAvoy Unicycles

On his previous appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Mark Ruffalo got roped into riding a unicycle that was far too tall for him, and the audience watched in fear as he struggled to stay up. When he appeared again earlier this year Graham thought it would be a good idea to get him to try again, thankfully on a lower unicycle. He and fellow Marvel star James McAvoy put on an impressive display, which left audiences jealous of these multi-talented celebrities.

Mark Ruffalo and James McAvoy showing off their skills.

8) Tom Hiddleston Dancing

Most people know Tom Hiddleston best as the villain Loki from Avengers Assemble, but we really saw the other side of his personality on Chatty Man, when he demonstrated his stunning dance moves. Alan Carr’s reaction of bowing was certainly justified, while the disbelief on James Corden’s face was reflected by every viewer.

Tom Hiddleston shows off his dance moves.

7) Bradley Cooper Air Guitar

Whatever the reason for his funky hat, this display of [semi] musical talent was very impressive. Who knew air guitar was actually a skill which could be mastered? It confuses the mind watching him absolutely ace the guitar solo, with no guitar. It’s so good you wonder why he didn’t just learn the solo on a real guitar, as it would probably require the same, or less, skill.

Bradley Cooper demonstrates his musical talent..

6) Robert Downey Jr. Silent Movie

Although I am biased because he is one of my favourite actors, this display of talent really explains why Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. Even when joking around, he clearly gets across to the audience what he is saying, and anyone throwing the random fruit around makes a nice change from it sitting there, unnecessary and unexplained.

Robert Downey Jr. shows why he is Hollywood’s best-paid actor.

5) Chris Evans, Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon Photobombs

The most recent of the moments on the list, this Super Bowl special was a great effort from the Marvel stars and Jimmy Fallon. The Twitter competition between Chris Evans and Chris Pratt received much media attention, and we now know that they both went and visited the charities that were involved in their bet. This video showed the physical talent of Evans when he catapulted himself right over Pratt, while Pratt really let out his comic side with his various ridiculous poses.

Chris Evans, Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon photobomb Super Bowl fans.

4) Benedict Cumberbatch Beyonce Walk

Miranda Hart has provided us with a great deal of comedy on our TV screens, but this was a gift. Her sketch on walking led to Benedict Cumberbatch attempting the ‘Beyonce Walk’, which quickly turned into a strange sort of dance. If you ever find yourself alone, or with a group of people you are entirely comfortable with, I recommend walking around in this style, feeling like a full-blown diva.

Benedict Cumberbatch letting out his inner Beyonce.

3) Daniel Radcliffe Alphabet Rap

It was always going to be a great moment when Harry Potter started rapping, but it was actually quite impressive. The awkward kid we remember from the first Harry Potter film transformed before our eyes into someone who was actually not bad at acting like a gangster. Even better than the rapping is Jimmy Fallon’s expression in the background – I recommend re-watching the clip just to look at his face.

Daniel Radcliffe raps Alphabet Aerobics.

2) Will Smith Fresh Prince Rap

After an impromptu performance with Gary Barlow on his previous appearance on the show, Will Smith came back to The Graham Norton Show prepared. It was great to see him performing the classic Fresh prince of Bel Air rap live, even with Jaden annoyingly standing beside him. Graham’s effort at the ‘Jump on it’ dance is also highly entertaining, particularly in the context of doing on the same stage as the master.

Will Smith performs his greatest hits.

1) Tom Cruise on Oprah’s Sofa

No list of Celebrity Chat Show moments would be complete without the absolute classic Tom Cruise sofa incident. Whether he was high or just madly in love, it definitely marked the moment when we decided that Tom Cruise was a bit crazy. Aside from jumping onto the sofa and kneeling on the ground numerous times, he grabs Oprah, shaking her arms and exclaiming that he is in love. Such a bizarre moment justifies the spoofs that have been made, and certainly has to top the list of memorable moments.

Tom Cruise goes crazy on Oprah.

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