Top Netflix releases for 2021

With Coronavirus still here, and Boris now telling us relentlessly (although rather confusingly) that we should stay at home, what else are we to do besides binge-watch Netflix? Yes, it’s true, you could write your dissertation, or perhaps pick up a book or two, but an ever-growing need to switch our brain off seems to only be satisfied when we stare blankly into a computer screen. No judgement there, we’re all guilty of it. And while the pandemic has already had an effect on the production of numerous well-loved films and series, Netflix has somehow managed to keep us on our toes.

Before we commence the what-will-be we should take a moment to appreciate some content which has already come out this year. Yes, if you are still convinced Riverdale didn’t take a turn for the worst about three seasons ago then you can tune in and enjoy season five, which aired on 21st January. Equally, a new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race has already come to Netflix, and it’s bound to be a shady/glamorous affair. Next, if you couldn’t get enough of Vanessa Kirby in The Crown, you can now watch her alongside Shia LaBeouf in a heartbreaking and thought provoking new film Pieces of a Woman, about a couple who lose their child in a home birth. Tragedy aside, the film is filled with incredible actors, and the storyline holds you in a tight grip right until the end. Lastly, if you’re more of a sci-fi fan, you can tune into the new episodes of Snowpiercer season two, which air weekly.



Now, however, it’s time to look at what’s to come. Here are some of the must-see films and series coming to Netflix this year:

The Dig (29th January), based on a true story, follows an amateur archaeologist as he gets hired by a wealthy widow to excavate burial mounds on her estate. The film is a period piece, set at the time of the Second World War, and stars Ralph Fiennes, Carey Mulligan and Lily James. A remarkable cast for a film which is bound to be impressive, both from a storyline as well as a post-production perspective.

Malcolm & Marie (5th February) stars Zendaya and John David Washington, and is directed by the visionary Sam Levinson. Exploring the tensions and painful revelations of love, this film will be a must watch for anyone who enjoys striking dialogue and cinematography.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever (12th February). The third instalment of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is coming to Netflix so strap yourselves in. The storyline follows Lara Jean and Peter as they prepare for university, choosing between love and their dreams in classic Troy-Gabriella fashion. Keep an eye out to see how their story unravels.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (28th March) will be back to Netflix with season seven, which is bound to be just as hilarious and witty as the previous seasons. And if you haven’t watched this show yet (although there probably aren’t many of you out there who haven’t) the March Netflix release date gives you more than enough time to binge-watch all existing seasons.

Sex Education (End of 2021) has gone back into production for its third season, meaning Otis and the gang will (hopefully) be returning to our computer screens in the very near future.

You (End of 2021) is set to return for a third season, and so if you haven’t had enough of the good-looking but worryingly creepy Joe Goldberg by now, you can look forward to seeing more of him plotting around town with his homicidal girlfriend, Love.

Apart from films and series with a known release date, of which the above are just the most notable, Netflix has announced it will be releasing a new film every week this year. And boy, are we in for a treat. To say the line-up of cast and crew for these upcoming films is impressive would be an understatement. Here are three examples which show what Netflix has in store for us in 2021:

Don’t Look Up, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, and with guest appearances by the likes of Cate Blanchett, Timothee Chalamet and Meryl Streep.

Army of the Dead, directed by Zack Snyder who gave us Justice League, will be a zombie heist film starring Dave Bautista and Ella Purnell.

The Woman in the Window, an adaptation of A. J. Finn’s bestselling novel, starring Amy Adams and Gary Oldman.

See this preview for even more:

While the above are only a few films and series from the vast sea of content Netflix has promised us, they signal that 2021 will certainly not be a boring year, at least not cinematography-wise. Covid-19 might be raging on, but at least we know we have our trusted and loyal Netflix to fall back to for some much-needed escapism!


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