The Top Ten Underrated TV Shows

As the ever-expanding scope of streaming platforms provides us with endless hours of brilliant TV, some of the most thrilling, emotional, and hilarious shows can get lost in the vast array of programmes. Here are my top 10 picks for the most underrated shows.

1. The IT Crowd

Set in the fictional offices of Reynholm Industries, the show centres around two tech whizzes, Roy (Chris O’Dowd) and Moss (Richard Ayoade), alongside their clueless boss who couldn’t be more lost in the world of computers, Jen (Katherine Parkinson). The show also features big-name stars, such as Matt Berry as company boss and Noel Fielding as a mysterious vampiric character that lurks around the department. Hilariously witty with a fabulously satirical take on IT workers, the show is expertly binge-able with its 25 episodes and is a must-watch for anyone in need of a laugh.

Watch it on: Netflix, All 4

2. The End of the F***ing World

Following the life of disturbed James (Alex Lawther) and rebellious Alyssa (Jessica Barden), the show’s deadpan delivery and abrupt script manages to convey a thrilling journey of discovery and the realities of adulthood. After both leaving home to embark on an epic road trip, the season finales’ surprisingly emotional ending reminds us just how much the characters have grown. Full of humour, love, and murder, what more could you want from a show?

Watch it on: Netflix, All 4

3. Two Doors Down

If domestic comedy is your thing, you’ll love Two Doors Down. Centred around the home life of couple Beth (Arabella Weir) and Eric (Alex Norton), each episode finds a new way for their insufferable neighbours to interrupt their quiet nights in. Starring the hilariously funny Doon Mackichan and Elaine Smith the show provides some wonderful comic relief and is an easy evening watch.

Watch it on: BBC iPlayer

4. Stath Lets Flats

With a fantastic grip on satire and chaos, Stath Lets Flats is a ridiculously funny sitcom starring Jamie Demetriou. Based around the family business, Stath is a clueless lettings agent whose hopeless touring lands him in some interesting situations. Alongside sister Sophie (Natasha Demetriou) and co-worker Al, the slightly dim but amusing characters make the show fantastically binge-able.

Watch it on: All 4, HBO Max

5. Disenchantment

From Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons and Futurama), Disenchantment follows the fantasy world of Princess Tiabeany (Abbi Jacobson) – a defiant young princess who refuses to follow the rules and marriage plans of her father, King Zog (John DiMaggio). After befriending loyal Elfo (Nat Faxon) and cheeky demon Luci (Eric Andre), the trio encounters ogres, spirits, trolls, and plenty of other mythical creatures on their adventures. If you loved The Simpsons and fancy a bit of fantasy, you’ll love Disenchantment.

Watch it on: Netflix

6. In for a Penny

First featured on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway and now a fledged show of its own, Stephen Mulhern presents a wonderfully funny game show. Approaching unsuspecting people on the street all over the country, Mulhern sets them a series of challenges to win cash prizes. For light-hearted Saturday night TV, it’s worth the watch.

Watch it on: ITV Hub

7. Love and Anarchy

Centred around Sofie (Ida Engvoll), a wife and mother working as a careerist consultant newly recruited by a publishing company, this workplace dramedy quickly develops its raunchy storyline. Upon meeting Max (Björn Mosten), the office’s IT technician, for the first time, it is clear there will be inevitable tension between the pair. After interrupting Sofie in a private moment, a flirty game ensues in what may develop into much more…

Watch it on: Netflix

8. I Am Not Okay With This

From the creators of The End of the F***ing World, IANOWT shows teen Sydney (Sophia Lillis) dealing with the death of her father and the complicated emotions his passing brings. Grappling with social anxiety, bullies, and new romantic feelings, the show sheds light on navigating high school amongst fresh trauma and questioning one’s identity. Upon discovering that she can move things without touching them and experiencing surges of power when angry, the series turns interesting quickly. A binge-able watch for a series with a supernatural twist.

Watch it on: Netflix

9. Big Mouth

Following the lives of pubescent teenagers, Big Mouth comes from the creative mind of Nick Kroll. Depicting their teen years, the series showcases Kroll and best friend Andrew Goldberg’s own childhood experiences with the help of the hormone monsters. Rather grossly explicit though ridiculously accurate, the cartoon navigates first periods to sex to crushes, and more. For an easy watch with light laughs, the show is perfect for a spare 20 minutes.

Watch it on: Netflix

10. The Young Offenders

Hit Irish comedy, The Young Offenders, sees two delinquent idiots on the hunt for washed up cocaine in Cork. Accompanied by their trusty bikes, Conor (Alex Murphy) and Jock (Chris Walley) find themselves in some ridiculous situations, often ending in a chase by local spineless yet determined policeman, Healy (Dominic MacHale) and a telling off from Conor’s hilarious mother (Hilary Rose). For some genuinely funny midweek banter, the series is sure to amuse.

Watch it on: BBC iPlayer, Sky Go

Knee-deep in summative season, some funny, fantastic, and all-around quality shows are just what we need to unwind after a long day of essay writing. So, instead of scrolling mindlessly through Netflix, why not try one of these new series? Give it a go – you might just find your new favourite.

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