Studying: to music or not to music?

Today, with the invention of air pods and even just headphones, it seems we’re all constantly plugged in. And studying is no exception. Even whilst ploughing through seminar prep, writing essays, and working during internships, everyone has their own preferred backing track. After some careful research, I’ve compiled a list of the best kinds of music to use for studying. Consisting of my own personal favourites in conjunction with those of my peers, take your pick from below if you’re looking for something new to accompany hours of studying.

  1. Complete silence – or almost…

Some of us find music a huge distraction whilst working. If you identify with this, perhaps you need to work without music, or even with noise-cancelling headphones to concentrate. Alternatively, consider using ‘white noise’ playlists and sound to comfort you in your silence.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Meditation and yoga

One step away from white noise and silence is peaceful meditation music. I use this when I’m having a particularly stressful day, or if I have a lot to do and am trying to make my way through a to-do list as long as my arm. I’d recommend giving these playlists a go – I never used to be one for calm, yoga-style music while I work, but I have become a convert.


  1. Classical or instrumental music

Now for a bit of a change. This has always been my go-to: no repetitive lyrics getting stuck in your head and distracting you, these playlists range from calm piano to full concertos, with different styles to find something you like. The first playlist below single-handedly got me through my A-Levels:

  1. Film soundtracks

Another genius solution – music designed to enhance, but not distract from, action. I’ll admit, sometimes the catchy tunes from films I know can distract, but often these soundtracks can be a great accompaniment to study sessions.

Have a listen to:

  1. D&B or EDM

I will confess – I have never, and will never, give this a try. I find D&B too much in a club, let alone the library. But I have some friends who swear by it, saying the rhythms and energy help them to power through work. So here you go, you brave souls:


Why not give something new a go? You never know…

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