The Tent becomes World Heritage site

‘The Tent on the Racecourse’, recently erected in Durham, has been taking the online, political and cultural worlds by storm.

The Tent was designed to host Durham University events, including fashion shows and numerous live performances from local bands, but it has since been seen all over the world.

Reports suggest that ‘The Tent’ will be appearing in major cities around the globe to replace existing structures, including Buckingham Palace and Sydney Opera House (pictured).

Image by Bernard Spragg. NZ on Flickr, edited.

Image by fsse8info on Flickr, edited.

The Tent’s unproblematic creation – devoid of slave labour or controversial statues – lends itself well to the new age of World Heritage sites.

‘Whereas everywhere else you visit has some kind of dark backstory or dodgy links, The Tent has no faults. Everyone is welcome here’ said one commentator.

The Bubble would like to stipulate the only those with a negative LFT are, actually, ‘welcome here’. 

The miraculous turn of events started when The Tent set up its own Instagram account advertising what it does day-to-day. 

Despite its measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, The Tent quickly went viral.

After amassing a large following on Instagram and Facebook, brands started reaching out to the marquee.

‘Brands couldn’t get enough! I was a bit tentative at first, but now I’m thriving’ said Tent.

Since then, followers have been inundated with adverts for detox tea, pre-made dinners and fabric softener.

Some have criticised the model’s boldness to post full body selfies on its social media, claiming its slim physique and flawless complexion will feed in to the body issues of other tents around the world.

The Tent refused to comment, and instead posted another scantily-clad selfie captioned ‘#hottentsummer’.

The Tent has also been making moves in the political world.

‘We believe the fabric tent will be a great asset to our canvassing team’ remarked one MP.

In particular, The Tent offers a platform to those unable to make their way in to office, physically and politically.

Indeed, pictures suggest former world leaders have made an alternative No. 10 with The Tent.

Image from @thetent.dur, edited with image by Trump White House Archived on Flickr.

Whether the current prime minister will engage in talks with The Tent is yet to be discerned.

Analysts suggest The Tent may be too busy with the Durham University calendar to accommodate the leader, and we wouldn’t blame them.

This article is primarily fictional, but The Tent really does have an Instagram account: @thetent.dur. Visit to find out more about events.

Featured image by fsse8info on Flickr, edited by Emma McElderry.

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