I rise again


I rise again, I rise once more,

‘Twas long a night as ne’er before;

‘Twas a night of sleepless turning,

Covid nightmares and Zoom learning.


Lockdown once again upon us,

Always cunning, never honest;

From it but a numbing pain,

We have nothing else to gain.


Yes, I’ve tried to find a hobby,

Turned my room into a lobby;

I even served my family bread,

Got poor reviews – all ate with dread.


Then they said that hope is near,

That finally depart should fear;

That like Lucifer in angel satin,

Big pharma is just helping.


Vaccine rollout, elders clapping,

I myself cannot be happy;

Most of them will live regardless,

While youth’s mental health’s deemed worthless?


Boris, our own country’s warden,

Cares more of self than UK’s children;

Who cares if starving, underfed,

Who cares if teenage dreams are dead!


The University once more,

Has shown its uselessness galore;

Convincing us to know our sadness,

Requesting fees that cause us madness.


All of this for what to show?

A mastery of online calls?

The mystery of Zoom continues,

And Teams equally leaves no clues.


The final dread in all of this,

The lack of pubs and clubbing bliss;

The question looming with a throb:

Will I ever get a job?


Covid, thank you we all must,

For nothing else reveals such lust

As you for drinking and escape,

Pray we get rid of you one day!


Featured image: ‘mur confiné’ Jeanne Menjoulet on Flickr

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