Going the distance: Strava voted best dating app for 2021

Are you running out of ideas on how to find your Valentine? Do you feel like a bike wheel, going round and round in circles looking for that special someone? Do you just wish you could find someone who could go at your pace?

Bringing a new meaning to the term ‘speed dating’, our very widespread and scientific study of one (1) person found that 70% of people think Strava is the best online dating app for 2021.

When exercise is pretty much the only way you can meet someone this year, the most popular fitness app really comes into its own. 

Not only does everyone have the app already downloaded from that one 5k for the NHS they did in the first lockdown, but it is the only dating site where couples know they can go the distance.

Here are five more reasons that Strava is all you need to find love this year.

1. I ‘kudos’ you. Most ardently.

The world of online dating is notorious for poor chat, creepy stalkers, and cringe-worthy pickup lines; it’s always ‘wyd’ not ‘CTAIYLROS’ (Congratulations, this activity is your longest run on Strava!). Strava’s ‘kudos’ function allows users to build up a rapport of appreciation and ditch that dreaded first line for a purely positive, non-creepy thumbs up. Wise men say only fools rush in, and nothing says sexual tension like a month’s worth of mutual, but unspoken, ‘kudos’. When things get serious, the comment function is the place to be – public enough to keep things pleasant, personal enough to have a lasting impact and maybe even be the catalyst for a socially-distanced date. One day you can say, “you had me at ‘Nice run 👍'”.

2. Your chemical romance.

Shall I compare thee to an Afternoon Run? We all know exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, the neurochemicals that elevate your mood. Go on an exercise date and your crush won’t know whether it is you or the bike ride that makes them feel so happy – either way, it’s a win; swapping sweets for sweat is guaranteed to score you a second date. (Take a shower first, though.)

3. Make your heart beat a little faster.

On that note, the most obvious benefit of working it out via a workout is that you can get hitched and hench at the same time. A sure-fire way to be the fittest couple in town, exercise dates will help you both to live longer, together. What’s more, you will actually be excited about exercise – who knew that could happen? As a wise man once (almost) said, when you realise you want to cycle fifty miles with someone, you want that fifty miles to start as soon as possible.

4. Those who run together, stay together.

At the end of the day, you will always have one thing in common: you like repeatedly putting your body through pain to earn the admiration of friends and colleagues. Whether you are a Morning Run or Afternoon Cycle kind of person, Strava can help you find someone who fits and filter out the ones who just couldn’t keep up. But don’t worry about having the perfect stats or Premium membership. Don’t forget: you can be just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to run a 5k with her.

5. It can be just a run.

The course of true love never did run smooth, but at least it runs. What is the loss of a romance to the Gains you will amass along the way? Apart from the aching legs the next day (which we don’t talk about), nobody regrets an exercise date. And if you see that person again, you’ll be whizzing by at 4:59/km and won’t feel a thing. One day you will go back to giving pure, unambiguous ‘kudos’; we’ll always have Strava.

So, why not set up a socially distant cycle with that person you have your eye on? You are sure to find the route to their heart.

If Strava be the food of love, run on.

Not sponsored by Strava. Other apps are available. Featured image by Garry Knight on Flickr.

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