Introducing: The Durham Finalist Showcase


Rebecca Cadman

Number of Shows: 

How did DST shape your time in Durham? Gave me confidence, I had never done any drama before so DST has enabled me to find an activity I love.

What is your dream role? Fleabag in Fleabag.

What are your plans after graduation? TBC, maybe the police if acting doesn’t work out.

Millie Davies

Number of Shows: 21

How did DST shape your time in Durham? DST has been a massive part of my time at university – probably more so than my degree!

What’s been your favourite role? My favourite show was performing in Spamalot at the Gala Theatre. It was such an incredible opportunity to perform in a professional theatre and such a fun show to be a part of.

What are your plans after graduation? Studying for a MA in Music Theatre at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Adam Evans



Number of Shows: 20

How did DST shape your time in Durham? It completely changed my life, it made me so much more of an outgoing person and allowed me to meet the best friends I’ve ever had in my life and has fundamentally defined my university experience. I once accidentally referred to a lecture as a “rehearsal”.

What’s been your favourite role? Tattoo Boy in Home was a really fun role to play because despite immediately seeming like an awful person, he later exposes his vulnerability and goes some way to explaining why he acts like he does.

What is your dream role? It was Ste in Beautiful Thing but now it would still probably be Ste but in a professional production.

What are your plans after graduation? Work for a year and then drama school (fingers crossed).



Theodore Holt-Bailey



Number of Shows: 11

How did DST shape your time in Durham? It’s been a great environment to gain experience and work with some really excellent artists.

What’s been your favourite role? Emcee because it’s Cabaret.

What is your dream role? Jack Skellington

What are your plans after graduation? Time to begin the graft.

Luke Maskell

Number of Shows: 93

How did DST shape your time in Durham? It gave a total sense of fulfilled being – much like bathing in Turkish delight, only without the flour.

What’s been your favourite role? President of The Durham Headlights. I’ve become more than moderately hilarious for every second I’ve spent just thinking of the thing.

What is your dream role? Doctor Who in the cult UK hit series, Doctor Who.

What are your plans after graduation? Go drama school, do acting, leave drama school, do some acting.

Rosalie Minnitt

Number of Shows: 15 – maybe…?

How did DST shape your time in Durham? I’ve met some absolutely wonderful people through doing shows at Durham and made some incredible friendships!

What’s been your favourite production? 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche! Lovely to be a in a strong female cast and lots of fun to be in.

What is your dream role? Corny Collins in Hairspray.

What are your plans after graduation? No plans as of yet.

Steph Sarratt


Number of Shows: 10

How did DST shape your time in Durham? Very grateful to have had so many amazing experiences and to have met so many talented individuals through DST.

What’s been your favourite role? Favourite role was playing the Pilot in Grounded. I found it quite challenging but I really enjoyed the preparation and feel like I learnt a lot in the process.

What is your dream role? Katniss Everdeen

What are your plans after graduation? Taking a year out and auditioning for drama schools.

Owen Sparkes


Number of Shows: 17

How did DST shape your time in Durham? DST is an amazing creative outlook for people of all talents and backgrounds, and it’s been a wonderful way into developing great connections, acting styles, and a passion for theatre.

What’s been your favourite role? Cock, by Mike Bartlett, was the first play I did at Durham in my first term. The story and characters were unlike anything I’d ever worked on before; so true and utterly, hilariously, sad. Working with Jenny Walser as Director was an amazing experience and it was a great pleasure to take it to the National Student Drama Festival in 2016.

What is your dream role? ‘Oh Lear Lear Lear!’

What are your plans after graduation? Your guess is as good as mine! I’ll hopefully be going on to read a masters in European History or working down in London. The dream would be to see if my skills have a place in the professional theatre scene.

The Durham Finalist Showcase is on at 7.30pm, Monday 25th June at The Assembly Rooms Theatre.


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