Director’s Note: I Love You Because

“…the cheesiest, most ‘musical theatre’ show you ever did see…”

When I heard about the comedy, modern-day, six-person musical that was based on Pride and Prejudice, I had no idea what to expect, but it definitely was not ‘I Love You Because’. And that’s what I love about it: it’s full of surprises from start to finish. What I can assure you is that this is a story that will make you laugh, give you goose bumps, quite possibly shed a tear or two, but most importantly, leave the theatre with a smile on your face. This is a musical that celebrates all the awkward bits of dating that most of us can relate to, and reminds us to love those around us, warts and all. As much as my main goal is for you, the audience, to have a good time, I hope you also feel the ever-important message that we can all, always, love the people around us more deeply and honestly.

‘I Love You Because’ is being performed in St Chad’s Cassidy Quad, and as such, the stage is designed for the audience to be on three sides of action. This has been a focus point in rehearsals – a challenge when making sure the sightlines and angles work at all times, but an exciting opportunity to engage the audience and make them feel immersed into the story, with the wonderful actors performing right in front of them. I felt that this was so important when the musical is about those fond – or maybe not so fond – moments we will probably encounter at some point in our lives. I do hope the audience will be able to relate to the characters themselves too. We all know a bit of an uptight, socially awkward Austin, or a dopey, no-filter, food-orientated Jeff, and ‘I Love You Because’ really humours the flaws and quirks that everyone has in them.

It has also been a new experience for myself and many of the cast to work with such a small group of people, but this has proved very rewarding. On one hand, it means a lot of hard work and responsibility falls to every single cast member, but on the other hand, it creates a fun and dynamic experience for all of us. It has required a lot of energy and enthusiasm, but everyone has risen to the challenge and I know that the shows will rewarding for everyone involved.

The entire cast and crew have been a dream to work with. Every day since the first rehearsal every single person has been so on the ball and have shown complete dedication to the show, working hard without ever having to be asked. It really does make my job so much easier – it’s my directing debut, so I could not be more grateful! Thanks guys.

And yes, it is the cheesiest, most ‘musical theatre’ show you ever did see, but isn’t that what gives it it’s charm?

‘I Love You Because’ is on 7.30pm Friday 9th March- Saturday 10th March, with a 2.30pm matinee performance on Saturday, in the Cassidy Quad at St Chad’s College.

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