Director’s Note: ‘Company’

Durham University Light Opera Group (DULOG) introduces their production of the Broadway musical ‘Company’, directed by Mary Lord. In preparation for the show’s run on the 20th-23rd of November, Mary gives a brief glimpse into what to expect from this new interpretation. 

Coming back from my year abroad I was unsure what to expect from the DST scene, so in a classic finalist move, I launched myself into one of the biggest shows of the DST calendar and as a result have been so privileged to get to know and work with the unbelievably talented cast and production team of Company


Being a classified musical theatre obsessive, I have blocked and directed so many of my favourite musicals in my head and have listened to their soundtracks to death. However, Company is a show I wasn’t familiar with at all before starting work on it. This has made the entire process so refreshing and exciting for me. Learning new music and helping form characters that I didn’t already know has allowed me to bring fresh insight and intention into a show that has seen so many different versions and revivals.  


Company is such a beautiful and funny show that we have had the most fun rehearsing and performing. As a concept musical with no real plot line, we have explored the use of vignettes and all the little bitty scenes and songs in the show as a quick look into the lives of married couples through the eyes of the protagonist, Bobby. Although originally set in the 70s, we really wanted to highlight the timelessness and relatability of the central themes of the show. Therefore, we have developed the show with an ‘everytime, everyman’ premise, keeping the time period and characterisation fluid to allow the audience to relate. 


Exploring these themes of love, relationships and self-exploration, we have strived for a collaborative rehearsal process. With so many creative minds and talents in the cast and crew we have relished the opportunity to incorporate new and original ideas and characterisation into the show, stemming from workshopping and exploring these themes as a group. 


We are so lucky to be able to perform such beautiful music, (arguably some of Sondheim’s best) and with so many iconic musical numbers such as Someone Is Waiting and Getting Married Today, this show has comedy and emotion in bundles so there is something for absolutely everyone to appreciate. I am even more lucky to be working with the absolute gems that make up our production team. Every single one of them is so dedicated and wonderful that they have made this process an absolute dream. Even more dreamy is our cast. Painstakingly selected through a 12-hour call-back day, they have perfectly taken to their parts and thrown themselves into the show, something that makes my job an absolute joy. As we go into production week, I can only hope that you have as much of a blast watching our show as we have had rehearsing it and that the energy and love we have put into it shines through. If you’re as single as Bobby is (or I am!), grab someone to ac‘company’ you to the show. We hope that no matter how many times you’ve seen the show or listened to the soundtrack, you’ll find something new to enjoy and make you feel alive. 



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