When sleep will not come

Do you know how much I love you? 

I wish I could tell you with words 

But nothing I say or write 

Can paint quite the right picture

So instead I’ll take you into my arms

When you’re tired on a Tuesday evening 

I’ll stroke your hair if sleep evades us 

And when Sunday rises, softly I’ll wake you 

With my lips on your resting forehead 

When the words don’t quite fit 

I will tell you tell you with every lingering touch 

My hand will take yours at any road we cross,

And I will shade your eyes on our long drives, when the sun dips towards the horizon 

So when we sit together on slow evenings, I’ll rest my head in the crook of your neck 

at home in our peace

A mellow comfortable love.

And if after all this, the words still are not quite right ,

I will know that you know, 

and that will be enough 

Image provided by the author Eden Cain

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