Untitled Poem

‘…and glued the pieces of the jigsaw.’

Body, mind and heart. They all lay shattered.
The body in a sorry state, worthless.
The mind broken, useless, dead.
The heart a broken mirror, beating,
Dying. Memories of painful times within.

Nobody dared to heal the broken heart,
Nobody touched it, nobody would fix it.
The heart lay untouched, crying for acknowledgement.
It cried and they walked past, it wailed and they ran.

But you stayed behind. You nursed the monstrous heart,
Returned it to its body and glued the pieces of the jigsaw.
It remained strong and tries to shine,
But as any monster, it hides from the light,
the truth, longing to bathe in what can never happen.

It cries in pain and screams in despair
Into a broken body and a mending mind,
Once again breaking it, shattering, scattering.

You came back. You taught humanity,
The heart laughed and longed to glow,
But the body and mind held it back,
It continues to gleam and it fights back.
It weeps under the stress and it weakens,
But one day, it will say its message.

I’m sorry for everything that’s happened,
I’ll live my life to the full,
I’ll do anything, for you.

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