Two Poems

“Yes, I think thoughts through cogs and machines.”

Head in My MouthFrom down here,
We speak very little:
Thinking through cogs and machines.
“Yes, I think thoughts through cogs and machines.”
Chalk broken and split
In my mouth.

Head in my mouth.
The night sky spins dull,
Into black.
Jabberwocky, Jabberwocky.
Spit curls into spray,
And then is now.This Is a MetaphorMy room.
Four walls
Of slumber.
Sucking my fist
I am here
As a threat to myself.

My friends
And I
Sit here sometimes
And we play
When I clap my hands

People behind the glass, they laugh
(you bitch, you bitch).
Sometimes I stop and
I think, “wait a minute,
This is my future.”
O God, Now I must go back.

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