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When I gagged you ran your hands
Down my arms, said ‘I know it hurts,
It hurts, doesn’t it, love? Not long now.

Hang on now darling – ’ while you unspooled
The savage binding, rewinding great loops
Of the slimy stuff twist by twist around your fist,

Then you kissed me and I awoke, entwined
With a sadness in my bed. You, with
Sorrow’s face sewed on. So that now –

Your body breathes shallowly beneath my head.
You are mangled by the tangle of my sorrow
You took on; every inch of poison drawn out of me

You have eaten yourself. You have
Eaten – taken – I awaken – where is the
Heavy gone? You – we – I am lifting

above the bed high – like a balloon when
the soon becomes the now and how
did you do this your kiss cored me
like an apple restored all this space
inside me brides and opens wide
me adored me now I’ve bumped
my head on the ceiling above this
bed but I’m feeling like I never
have before like I can’t touch the floor don’t
think I’ll try why are you still lying there oh hi
there are those eyes good deep breath
oh oh oh you are feeling better you’re
looking more like yourself
still with these scars though they
look like stars you silly thing I can’t
believe you did that for me though
I’m remembering now that’s what it’s like
isn’t it this is how it is you love me
ridiculously and I’m banging up
against this box I used to live in
really do you have any flying tips
oh look your lips are still a little blue
so perhaps I’ll kiss you you magnificent
thing and ah that did the trick didn’t it
you lovely lovely but you want to go outside
yes yes let’s just through the window I
wouldn’t be surprised if the sky
looks different way up close


Isabel is a third year English Literature student, full time karaoke star and part time American.

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