The content call for this week focused on poetry inspired by Amanda Gorman, specifically her poem ‘The Hill We Climb.’ Keeping in mind the idea of overcoming adversities, I tried to create a scenario wherein one slowly comes to terms with the reality of their relationship and gradually overcomes that ‘hill’. 


I can’t bring myself to remember

The last time I called you mine.

How easily the ember

Of our love died down with no sign

That we were nearing the end.


I can still feel the ghost of your lips

Haunting mine at every turn.

How fast we used to get drunk on sips

Of ecstasy, only to crash and burn.

There really is no way that we could mend


Our broken hearts and their tattered remains.

Tiny shards of glass piercing them,

A million tiny papercuts, causing excruciating pains.

Yet, it was so easy for you to shift all the blame

Onto me and just play pretend.


I’ve thought about it a lot and the truth is,

There is no amount of crying I can do for you.

No begging or pleading to end this.

The scars you gave me, a permanent tattoo.

We were never meant to make it, in the end.


Image by: Ruhee Parelkar 

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