Opal Lillies

Opal Lilies

Vulnerable and glistening under droplets of dawn’s dew,

Pale diamonds under the scarlet haze of the rising sun. Clandestine,

Tousled by exuberant winds, they begin their ballroom dance.

Crisp satin dresses swirling, twirling under the morning sky, this moment so perfect. The whirling dervish, pirouetting. 

A perfect moment of entrancing dancing amongst the rush of the wind. 


The sunrise breeze carries whispered utterances, 

Like a prayer. 

And the spectral pearled lilies waltz

as a dream to be swept away. Now you sit, as a passive spectator of their elegance in awe. Of a view that you have seen so many times before,

And yet still feel moved at their evanescent joy. 


By Leah Collins


Featured Image via Unsplash

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