Get a Room

‘You have an absolute shipwreck of a romance…’

I haven’t seen,
A match like this,
Since Charybdis and Scylla.
I watch, in morbid fascination,
Your interaction.

You are made for each other,
Your touches,
Like the horizontal glide,
Of a train across its tracks.
Your love attracts eyes,
Who watch the train crash.

Rather than star-crossed lovers,
Ripped by the hands of prophecy,
Think car-crossed,
A traffic collision waiting to happen.
Your relationship takes fireworks,
And strips them to gunpowder.
Barrels of Elizabethan poetry,
Came out as ye olde curse words.

You have an absolute shipwreck,
Of a romance,
But you forgive and live,
Seemingly committed,
To entertaining your public,
With mid-street warfare.
It’s a beautiful thing to watch.
Now get a room.

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