Dark Contemplations

“We innocent, dinna do it, lawyer fucked us”


I don’t know if you get this feeling sometimes

you look at a person lying down


in a vulnerable state

oblivious of the world around them

the same person, who during the day might’ve ruled the world


so helpless

crumpled on a bed

so small, tiny

compared to the rest of the world

unaware as I watch

watch the dips and swells

of their body

their breathing body

innocently tied to the bed

expecting no calamity to befall

so easily this breath could be stopped


they live on in their dream world

like I play with Alice and Lucy

with the blues and reds in their kaleidoscope eyes

I can tell by their sleep

which one they’d pick

the blue or red pill

how do they sleep?

Carefree, without a worry?

Sleepless, night-maring all night?




sheets kicked off

to the sides

during long hot nights

a bare body shining

weak on white sheets




‘las! blue it is then…

hair rumpled across

mouth open to let a fly in,


how their limbs lie astray

would they notice if I sawed them off?

So deeply asleep

the silence grows louder

So deeply they fall




So deeply they lay



Featured image by Philip Calder. Available on Flickr under Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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