Creative Competition Winners 2014 – Written Category 4th Place: ‘And out in the world we go’

“There is a girl sitting in the street”

And out in the world we go

There is a girl sitting in the street
Her face is covered in white
And her eyes shine like dark oceans

A man, thirty, steps over her
Hurrying to his date
Not hearing her body thump back

There is a girl lying in the street
Her eyes are taking in the sky
Making out unicorns and dragons

Cars swivel around pale skin
Barely missing the blackened strands
And drivers drive on

Her spider arms are splayed back
All sharp angles and broken lines
With limbs vibrating, as if animated

There is a girl dancing in the street
Strings tied to each toe and finger
And all around, air pulls at the threads

Red lashes sway along with the wind
Basking in mist’s gentle caress
Enveloped in a thick halo

Her chest rises and falls and rises again
Following the rhythm of footsteps’ symphony
Guided by a thousand invisible conductors

Her hair is matted now
Streaked with specks of petroleum
A rainbow against her blood-red lips

There is no girl in the street anymore
She fills your lungs as you breathe in
Ashes smiling from within

And she walks in the street with you.

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