Cotton Gum

“This room / is our playground”

Cotton Gum

Our bodies entwine like the loops of a helter skelter,
This night you’ll permanently take me under your shelter
And wrap me up in candyfloss dreams,
Kiss me sweet like popcorn,
Popcorn screens.
The bouncy castle bed will be our private island
And the cream pies will serve as fine dining,
This night will be fairly fun
As you pin me down
Like bubble gum.
Tic – tac – toe – with our hands,
Bands of silver
Shine on our fingers
And when you stroke me…
I get slush puppy shivers.
I want to dunk you
Entirely soaked
In love and sheets
And sweet, cold, funfair coke.
This night our dinner’s cutlery has been dashed,
There’s no spoons and no forks
Instead we hunt only with hands,
We tear our clothes like we’re in a safari,
Mud on our cheeks
Our hearts heaving heartily,
And as we wait for that moment to arrive
We pant
We sweat
And hope that we exit the jungle alive,
My heart beats fast
And my knees become w e a k
But your hands move so quickly,
And quicker than them are your feet.
As I reach that moment and I
You go to catch me
And you slide me softly off of that mattress.
We’re at the bottom of the helter skelter, but
Only for a second
Are we kids at a funfair?
But we have wild imaginations.
And this night
this room
a room of requirement
this room
is our playground.

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