I love writing about colours and this was a small challenge I gave myself, wherein I tried to write about different colours without explicitly stating which colour I was talking about. It turned out to be quite a fun challenge.


It’s the colour,
that stains your cheeks
whenever you look at him.
It’s that light hue,
of rosy sunrises
you wish you could
see together.
The colour
of the
cherry blossom
she smells of.
The colour of
the beginning.


It’s the colour
that rushes through
your veins
whenever she touches.
It’s the rich shade
of the leaves
falling as
seasons change.
The colour
of the rose
he gives you
each day.
The colour of


It’s the colour
of despair
as his voice
The dark tint
that lonely nights
begin to hold.
The colour
of her words
on tattered paper.
The colour of
the end.


It’s the colour
of a world
of colour.
The muted tones
of overcast skies.
The colour
of ash
from a fire
long burned out.
The colour of


It’s the colour
of the sea
which seems to be
drawing them
The melancholy tinge
that tears
seem to possess.
The colour
of his
faded jeans,
long forgotten.
The colour of


Image: by Ketaki Adhikary on Wikimedia Commons

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