Coffee House Session Interview – Ralph Taylor – My Music and Me

19 year old guitarist, keys player and vocalist Ralph Taylor was born and raised in Suffolk, where he first fused his blend of alternative pop with a loop pedal. Ralph now plays with his talented 4-piece-band, adding yet more edge to this already dynamic performer. He has always been drawn to a range of influences including indie, funk, hip-hop, jazz and folk, carefully blending genres into a distinctive layered style – never afraid to use electronic production alongside traditional songwriting techniques.

You’d describe your music as…



You’re currently listening to..

Mirrorwriting – Jamie Woon


When you’re not making music you’re…

Doodling. Playing a bit of Pool. Going to gigs/events


You’d like to duet with…

John Mayer


Who’s your guilty pleasure?

Old school Craig David


Dead or alive,  who would you most like to grab a coffee with?



You’re an artist because…

I simply wouldn’t want to be anything else


Vinyl, CD or Streaming…

Streaming… One day I’ll mature to Vinyl…


Your party trick is…

Enjoying other peoples party tricks !


Your hometown is… and we should visit because…

Framlingham. Nothing can beat Suffolk Ales. Oh, and it has a castle… the one on the hill… Cheers Ed


Tinder or taken?



Snapchat, insta or twitter?

Insta @ralphtaylor100

Last Insta…



The best boxset it…



Coffee House Tour … what are you most excited about?

Playing all over the country and travelling around with my legend of a Manager.


Social media handles


Facebook: @ralphtaylormusic

Insta, Twitter: @ralphtaylor100

Youtube: @ralphyt100

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