Coffee House Session Interview – Joe McCorriston – My Music and Me

Joe McCorriston is a folk/punk influenced pop Singer-Songwriter from Morecambe, Lancashire, UK.

His EP “Existence. Familiarity” was released on  the 25th of January, to coincide with the start of another year of graft & touring. Joe has played 650 shows as of December 2017, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Despite just being armed with an acoustic guitar, his live show is full of energy, passion and creativity to make you turn your head.

You’d describe your music as…

Energetic & sincere, acoustic pop rock.


You’re currently listening to..

A lot of Bruce Springsteen, a lot of Regina Spektor, and a lot of my super talented friends.

you shouldn’t feel guilty for liking anything you might like (unless it’s Nazi punk or something


When you’re not making music you’re…

Booking tours! or if I’m taking days off from music completely, I will be watching football. Or playing FIFA.


You’d like to duet with…

Regina Spektor, Sigrid, or the Boss.


Who’s your guilty pleasure?

I don’t like this phrase! as you shouldn’t feel guilty for liking anything you might like (unless it’s Nazi punk or something). I’m not guilty for any music I enjoy. But I can happily say 2 acts that kickstarted my desire to become a performer, were Robbie Williams and McFly.

Joe McCorriston’s most frequently used emojis

Dead or alive,  who would you most like to grab a coffee with?

Fat Mike from NOFX. Or the Boss.


You’re an artiste because…

I feel like I can be my true self and make peace, be comfortable with it. Even when I’m putting myself on the line in front of an audience, I feel at home.


Vinyl, CD or Streaming…

All of them! Vinyl when I’m at home and actually have some free time. CD when I’m in the car, or trying to flog them to people. Streaming when I’m on the move!


Your party trick is…

I’m boring as hell, and you’ve just made me come to the realisation I don’t have an actual party trick. Ermm, I have good reflexes…and I’m really good with Rabbits.


Your hometown is… and we should visit because…

My hometown is Morecambe. You should visit it because it is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth (we have the seaside!) and it’s full of kind-hearted, loving folk.


Tinder or taken?

hahahah. Taken cheers.


Snapchat, insta or twitter?

All of them. I’m on all of them! Instagram is my favourite though.


Latest Insta….



The best boxset it…

Parks & Recreation, Trailer Park Boys, Sons of Anarchy, or a million other things I could list!


Coffee House Tour … what are you most excited about?

I’m excited to meet a lot of new friends and play my songs to them. There are also a couple of places on the tour I’m yet to play, so it’ll be nice to visit new towns.


Social media handles


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube: @joemccorriston

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