Top 3 Art podcasts to listen to right now…

It’s the third lockdown, and well… there’s not much else to do! If you are need a break from Uni work, then why not check out these top 5 art podcasts. They might even give you the needed inspiration to get on and start your own podcast… there’s no time like the present!


The Modern Art Notes 

Russn_Fckr – unsplash

Coming in at number 1 … is The Modern Art Notes Podcast. Hosted by Tyler Green, an art historian goes through the chosen guest’s lifelong work to gain a full insight into their work and their motivation behind it. Although mainly upbeat, he can get down and dirty to critic the artists work.  This interview style podcast features, artists, authors, curators and historians. This podcast provides an in-detail review of past, current and future work of its guests with very accurate information. The Wall Street Journal expressed the talent of Tyler Green with a quote saying, “You won’t find a better-informed art writer than Tyler Green”.

When is it on?

This podcast is run weekly, for an hour every Thursday, since 2011.


Art Party

This new up and coming podcast brings a different aspect to your day, away from the common interview style. Only nineteen episodes in, this podcast is already receiving rave reviews and mass publicity. Andrew Russeth and Jamie Sterns cover the latest news happenings of the art world, mixed in with their own opinions (which can be very strong, and well controversial at times). This podcast has more of a relaxed vibe, that’s bashful and just downright hilarious, this is for a light-hearted Sunday listen

Thomas Hetzler – Unsplash


The Conversation Podcast

Artist, Michael Shaw interacts with other artists, dealers and collectors to discuss pressing matters. He looks back at his guests’ career and doesn’t hesitate to get into the thick of it. The discussions are refreshingly honest and not to be missed, my personal favourite! Plus, the conversation podcast has other exciting topics to choose from, on its widely diverse platform.


A Piece of Work 

A more controversial podcast that explores the aspects of contemporary art that you don’t understand and are definitely frightened to ask. It can be confusing and this podcasts gets straight to the point to eradicate the feeling of art etiquette deciding who’s in and who’s out. Abbi Jacobsons hosts this products for the New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) to under cover what art actually is … leaving a lot of it up to your own interpretation as anything goes!


Go on… go give them a listen, and let us know what you think in the comment or if there are any of your favourites that we’ve missed out! 

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