Instep Dance Society Presents: Reconnect

Following the hype surrounding Instep Dance’s annual show, we decided to ask co-President Hannah Colgan a little about what’s to be expected this year…


The Bubble (B): Can you tell me a little about what this event is?

Hannah Colgan, President of Instep (HC): It is Durham’s Instep Dance Society’s annual showcase, where all of our weekly class members, competition team members and selected solos/ duets/ trios will perform over two show nights to the students and the wider public.

B: Is it a fundraising event?

HC: We are raising money for two environmental charities. Durham Wildlife Trust is the first one. We chose this charity as it is a local organisation focusing on protecting nature reserves, running conversation projects, running environmental education schemes, as well as much more! Our second charity is the British Ecological Society. This is a larger charity which focuses on educating people at regional and national levels and training the new generation of ecologists that are going to be saving our future!

B: What is the main idea of the show and what should people expect from it?

HC: The main idea of the show is to raise awareness for the need for us all to try and make more of a conscious effort to “reconnect” with the environment and appreciate the beauty of nature, the wonders of the extraordinary planet we live in, as well as really endeavouring to live in harmony, rather than disharmony, with nature. We want to try and show this through the beautiful, expressive medium that is dance. You should expect a wide variety of dance styles and abilities, as our society is open to all people from absolute beginnings up to very advanced dance levels, which is something we pride ourselves on. We really believe that no matter your ability, everyone should be able to (and can!) come together and just enjoy the love of dance! 

B: And the practicalities?

HC: Our show will start at 7:30pm, doors open at 7pm and will finish around 9pm. There will be a 15 minute interval half way through, where there will be a yummy bake sale (ran by ECO DU and the Vegetarian and Vegan Society) for all audience members (and dancers). An opportunity not just to see some great dance, but sample some eco-friendly treats! All proceeds from the bake sale will go to charity, along with a large proportion of the ticket sales. 

B: …and finally… if you could quickly summarise why you think people should come along, what would you say? 

HC: Ultimately, you can view it as doing your bit for the environment, just by buying a ticket and enjoying the show as a member of the audience. It really couldn’t be any easier to make a small contribution and make a difference, whilst having a really nice time!


For more information about the event please click here.

Tickets available on the door.


The Bubble are also looking for a reviewer for the performance. For a free show, and the opportunity to sample the eco-friendly goodies, please contact Becky at:

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