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Apart from the negativity of staying at home can provide a lot of benefits. With the use of the internet and social media, we can be as creative as we want and gain new knowledge on topics that interest us. With the rise of social media and specifically Instagram, we can get very creative with the content around us. Specifically, I will be discussing some techniques and tips to create a creative y using photography. Through Pinterest and the work of photographers, it can change the way we portray our life.

Arnel-hasanovic – Unsplash


I love collages. Combining materials and photographs from magazines, the Internet, Pinterest and other platforms, we can create new pictures. Some artists that will inspire you are; Bri Lamkin, Langdon Coburn, and Brest Brest. These photographers have used photographs and have combined them with mixed media techniques. Collages can revolve around topics, like nature, family, abstract art, love and relationships. What I enjoy on collages is the creative use of different elements. For example, we can combine natural ingredients like plants and leaves with places in space. Contradictions can often make very inspiring pictures. You can use software like a canvas to play with your collages.


Using our camera in a different way

Sometimes having a professional camera may not be enough to make your pictures. A little spark like an additional combination of elements can make your photos stand out. Have you tried spraying your camera to create a more fuzzy feature? Try also experimenting with the bokeh effect. Try buying a tripod or instead try to use the 10second option on your phone and camera. These options will make you realize that you do not need anyone to help you take a picture. Try adding stuff in front of your camera, coloured papers and a plastic bag.


Present your pictures in a very creative way

You had a very productive photography session? That’s great! But how will you use your pictures? Try using them as decoration in your house or room. Another option would be to attempt printing the photographs and then placing them on a wall shape. Alternatively, seek to place them in the form of a heart, a square or a rectangle. Another idea would be to start putting them chronically. Starting from the past and moving to the future, you can create an interactive map. Add additional plants and lights to enhance the environment between the pictures.

Laura Chouette – unsplash


Polaroid pictures can produce fascinating elements to play with on your walls. Try using strings or a chain to connect all the polaroid photographs. Do you also have extra fashion magazines combining these with your polaroid and the results will genuinely pop? There are many options to afford a camera, but you can also get a digital printer and directly make your polaroid camera from your phone.


Stories on pictures

Did you have a great night out or a story to remember? Why not add text next to your photographs? Try including the date and the names of the people you have fun. Try also to incorporate a funny moment of the day, if you’ve met somebody new or it was a special day for you or anyone else. Artists have been using the combination of text and visual since many years ago. Artists that you can get inspiration from include Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer and Christopher Wool.


I hope this article made you rethink creative concepts, ideas and inspiration to adjust your room and place accordingly. Do not forget inspiration is everywhere, even in places you wouldn’t expect!



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