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Ekphrasis – A Poem Inspired by Turner’s Paintings

A poem by Natalie Wall responding to the theme ‘Ekphrasis’ and inspired by J. M. W. Turner’s stormy seascape paintings.

‘Dust to Dust’

‘Stars trembled to see me pass’HerYou see what I want you to see,What I need you to see.The illusion of the meek, the mild,Not the hidden realityOf the fury, the wild.Concealed behind an open face,A girl with a tongue like a mace.Battle scarred, battle readyWith a hand ever-steady.Eyes that glow with youth and contentment,Ignite the fuse and you will knowThe furnace that cremates all in resentment.Gather up your charred remains,She will not stayTo pacify your pains.Dust to DustI was stardust.Beautiful. Fragile

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