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Articles tagged “games”

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Trials and Tribulations of a Language Student: Reading Foreign Literature

As language students, the importance of reading in our target language is constantly drilled into us. As daunting as it may seem at first, reading foreign literature really is vital for learning a language thoroughly. Having initially struggled with regaining my French competency after a year sans learning and having found immersing myself in French literature to be the most useful aid, I thought I’d share a collection of the most useful tips I have received about starting to read in a foreign language, along with a few of my own ideas. Whether you are studying languages or simply …

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0 comments | Tags: language learning, languages, French literature, Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials, Francophone, blogs, reading lists, top tips, Grammar, the brain, translation, English Literature, challenges, games, Memory, Goodreads, France

Review: Just Cause 3

Rico’s finally back: welcome to Medici.

Just Cause 2 was one of my favourite Xbox 360 games. I spent hours playing and replaying that game, enjoying its free-flow parachute and grapple based action. So when Just Cause 3 was announced I pre-ordered it – a very uncharacteristic act on my part. On its arrival, one critic even went so far as to call it the “best game ever”. Given such a reaction you’d be justified in thinking this is indeed a great game – I wouldn’t be so hasty, if I were you. The devil’s in the …

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0 comments | Tags: Avalanche Studios, Just Cause 3, Playstation 4, Just Cause 2, Xbox One, Square-Enix, PC, Gaming, games, review

The Dream Dustbin: Alex’s Dream

This is the second installment in Flora Phillips’ “Dream Dustbin” series, where she takes a dream and creatively reinterprets it through artistic mediums such as illustrations, photography, written verse or narrative, soundscapes, sculpture, etc.

For this piece, Flora has photographed an image that captures the essence of Alex’s dream.


We’re in Trevs’ Bar on a vague, grey Saturday afternoon. Alex is slumped at his computer, a drowsy smile attempting to hold upon his face. I soon discover, it’s no wonder he’s in such a way, he must be positively exhausted with dreaming…

According to Alex, dreaming is a routine …

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0 comments | Tags: dreams, creative, art, photography, Cricket, sport, games, sleep, chocolate, chocolate cake, student life, bar, Trevelyan College, trevelyan, Durham, Durham University, college, college bars

Relaxation Games: A List for that Pre-Exam Stress!

At this time of year we know that the pressure of revision timetables, last minute summative deadlines, and relentless cramming can get on top of you, so we’ve put together a list of games that should help you relax at this trying time. It’s not by any means exhaustive, mainly as I am exhausted myself from the above too, but it has a few interesting choices for you.

Minecraft (PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3)

Build, explore? Do as you please, just try not to get too stressed about that tower?

This game is often in gaming lists for many reasons …

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Comments disabled | Tags: Grand Theft Auto, playstation, Grand Theft Auto V, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, Builder, PC, relaxing, Minecraft, Gaming, chill, PS3, city, stress, revision, exams, games

Review: Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition (PS4)

More of the same? Same old formula but with a few tweaks.

Diablo 3 was my 2012 Game of 2013, a reflection on the fact that I’ve always enjoyed this series, and following my recent switch to PS4, I knew I would have to acquire the Ultimate Evil Edition. This is a review in part of the old game, but mostly a discussion of where the game currently stands. Diablo 3 is the final instalment of Blizzard’s titular series, and follows the conniving gambits of the Daemon lord Diablo, who has for 3 games been playing the characters in …

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0 comments | Tags: Diablo III, Evil, PS4, playstation, PC, adventure, play, games, Gaming, Game of the Year, Angel, death, 2012, 2013, 2015, zombies, dog, Witch, Blizzard

Gift suggestions for the morally deprived

All the feelgoody stuff we associate with Christmas comes about through general high-spirited social interaction, meals, music and last but not least, Christmas presents. Most people will use this opportunity to spread joy, merriment and happiness in the lives of yourself and others, but there are undoubtedly those amongst you who would rather utilize this festive occasion to declare mortality dead, either through wilfully opposing the sentiment of giving people something nice or useful or presenting them with items that can and will corrupt their character and undermine their sense of morality. This list of Christmas gift suggestions is …

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0 comments | Tags: corruption, Queens of the Stone Age, games, morality, gifts, Christmas

Popular Culture as Art: What One Can Learn From The Legend of Zelda

Mastering Hyrule has ramifications beyond the television screen.

Over the past summer, due to a lack of employment, I got a chance to dust off my old Wii (which since 2008 I have been using as a doorstop) and revisit a few of the games. Whilst I was playing I realized that the brilliance of the franchise lies not because they are simply ‘fun’, but because the world of the game induces such a level of immersion through its music, story-telling elements, and idiosyncratic visual art style that evokes such a perfect sense of atmosphere that the game is …

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0 comments | Tags: Nintendo, Legend of Zelda, games, culture, art

A Small Glimpse of Korean and Hong Kong Culture

Gyeongbokgung Palace in Northern Seoul

Although Hong Kong and Seoul are only separated by a two hour flight, my visit to Seoul prompted a realisation of the huge difference in lifestyle between the two cities. Filled with narrow crowded streets and buzzing with life in every corner, Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient, was what I portrayed Seoul to be like in my mind. However, I was confronted by a totally different image as I landed at Incheon airport and had my first taste of Seoul: delicious strawberry flavoured milk.

The strawberry flavoured milk in a mini carton is …

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0 comments | Tags: culture, China, food, history, games, travel, transport, mysticism

Game On!

Letting your face know you play to win

Since the days of the Romans little has, arguably, changed. Panem et circenses or, Bread and Circuses, is still the most powerful vehicle for controlling the masses. Romans had their beasts and gladiators; we have Max Payne, Hollywood and sports events. Could it be by chance that Spain’s recent bail-out by the IMF happened just a day before La Roja’s match against Italy for the UEFA cup? Nevertheless, the real twist of these virtual realities is that the masses are now able to play for change instead of the …

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0 comments | Tags: business, learning, Memory, video games, games, technology

Review: ‘Mass Effect 3’ (Xbox 360)

Liara’s return is a particular highlight.

Saying that Mass Effect 3 was highly anticipated is a bit of an understatement. People have been impatiently waiting for the concluding part of Bioware’s epic science fiction series since it was announced back in 2010. However, does the game live up to the monumental level of hype which surrounds it? I definitely had a great time playing it, although I don’t think the game is that much of a step up from Mass Effect 2. Whereas that game felt revolutionary when compared to the first installment, Mass Effect 3 feels more …

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0 comments | Tags: Commander Shepard, RPG, Bioware, mass effect 3, Mass Effect, sci-fi, video games, games
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