Skinny Living: heartfelt vocals and soothing acoustics (Coffee House Sessions)


If you’re into the likes of Vance Joy and The Lumineers, put your headphones on and give Skinny Living a listen.  Their music is undoubtedly unique, incorporating heartfelt harmonies and a variety of genres, from soul to indie rock.


On Thursday 7 December they rounded off their nationwide tour in the Durham Students’ Union, entertaining the onlookers with their soulful vocals and adept live acoustics.   No microphones, no gimmicks, no boyband dance moves – just raw talent.  The Bubble had a chat with the band following their performance to find out more about their inspirations and intentions.


The four band members – Ryan, Will, Danny and Rhys – all met around four years ago at an open mic night in Wakefield, Yorkshire.  Three of them originate from the White Rose county, while lead vocalist Ryan Johnston comes from Ireland (aka, as stated on his Twitter profile, the ‘Emerald Isle’).

Having started writing as a teen, Ryan went through a rough period in life and decided to pursue his passion for music as a form of release.  The cathartic element of the band’s melodies is particularly evident in their song ‘Why’; someone suffering in silence, because ‘real men don’t cry’, is saved ‘just in time’ by a loved one – but he ‘doesn’t know why’ said rescuer cared for them.

If you’re into the likes of Vance Joy and The Lumineers, put your headphones on and give Skinny Living a listen.

Looking back at the past year, the Skinny Living prodigies share fond memories of their experiences performing all over the world, citing New Orleans, Holland and Barcelona as particular highlights.  Their best memory is, however, that of a hog roast following a performance on the beach in the Philippines.  Unforgettable.


When asked about their plans for the new year, vocalist/percussionist Rhys told us he hopes to be less self-critical.  Lead singer Ryan added to this, proclaiming “F*** what people think”, while guitarist Danny amusingly said his resolution is to remember what his resolution is…!


Unconventional, rebellious and quietly confident, Skinny Living is one to watch in 2018.  As a message to students and prospective songwriters, they preached that we shouldn’t “worry about saving money”.  It certainly looks like the four bandmates appreciate the importance of enjoying the moment, living life as if each day were a new song.


So let the mantra of Skinny Living guide you in the new year – spontaneity, self-worth and singing.  And, more importantly, check out their impressive, and increasing, repertoire here:

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