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*Disclaimer: We are not going to be launching any new sections in the foreseeable future.

Also, this is for (future) reference, not discussion.*


My idea. Drugs is a huge part of society – the illegal drug trade, the legal drug trade, the money, the history, etc… MDF


I am against anything like the Palatinate Fashion section. But I think something resembling our TV Series and Sex sections would be interesting and valuable. MDF

I think I’ve made myself abundantly clear on this. TAB

Video Games:

I would really like a Video Games section at some point. Proper commenty articles of course. MDF

Ditto. In practical terms, we can’t expect one person to have played a new game (or whatever) every week. MH

Cartoons: We have someone, we don’t know what to do with them. Would be nice to have comic strips.

We’ve emailed her- section eds can commission cartoons from her. In the fullness of time we could have artwork on The Bubble. TAB

Where would we put it? We’d have to radically redesign the site MH

Presumably one could have articles that consisted almost entirely of images, as you can already put several images in? In which case it wouldn’t need anything but a new tab. Obviously, for the time being, cartoons for articles would just be instead of Flickr images. TAB

Yes, there’s no problem technically. It’s just it’d be a little odd having an article just for a cartoon (assuming that by this you mean a newspaper-like comment cartoon, rather than a webcomic). I do need to redesign the site though, and will let you know when I have something to show you. MH

If we have a resident artist, it would be nice to have some custom site icons if possible. Thinking of ConHome’s very nice shields here. MH

Afghan Appeal tab:

Moving forwards; will launch next term. In short, the idea is that The Bubble give a tab to one cause per term – possibly. But next term is particularly auspicious, as the Afghan Appeal is doing plenty of events in Durham and can generate a few articles and a lot of interest for the website. It wouldn’t be a section as such.

DUCK column: Discussing the various people they give money to? MH

Secret Max idea: Coming soon.

Perpetual freshers’ fair?: i.e. run an article a week extolling the virtues of a certain society – esp. the unusual ones, like archery, Treasure Trap, etc. Cheap copy if nothing else MH

We could have someone (not necessarily the same person) go out to a different society each week and report on them. Could be both funny and educative. MDF

Interviews: I think it might be good to have substantive interviews, whether as a section or a column. MH

All for interviews where possible and relevant in sections, currently nothing more. TAB

Never had to much problem getting interviews for the Grove, so I think it doable. Could be called ‘profile’? MDF

Blueprint for next term:

Our priorities should be a) cluttering out the crap from other sections and b) gaining popularity. MH

I generally agree with this, though there is going to have to be a discussion about Year Two at some point in terms of editorial structure. TAB

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