1) Beware the ides of March

  • Theme: “Beware the ides of March”.
    Note: We chose something enigmatic on purpose, in the hope of encouraging creative interpretation around motifs of spring, death, prophecy, or all of the above. Feel free to interpret it as you wish.
  • Deadline: 27th March
  • Submission: Submit your entry as an email attachment to photography@thebubble.org.uk. Please make the filename your name (Jane Doe.jpg), and the subject the theme (Beware the ides of March).
  • Open to everyone. Spread the word!
  • One submission per person, per competition
  • Entries can be either digital or film. If you’d like to enter a film photo, either send in a scanned copy or get in touch in advance of the deadline and we can organise to scan it for you.
  • Preferred file format is JPG.
  • To level the playing field, please use post-processing in moderation and make note of any changes made when submitting your entry.
  • Judging: all entries will be judged by the Photography section editorial team (Benjamin and Lorna), along with a guest judge when possible. We will select our three favourite photos based on a range of factors including composition, technical quality, originality, and interpretation of the theme.
  • Winner: The winner will have their photo displayed on the photography section’s page, and in a gallery of competition winners on our flickr page. In addition to this, a printed copy will be given pride of place on display at the wonderful Claypath Delicatessen for all of Durham to admire!

Best of luck, and if you have any questions just drop us an email: photography@thebubble.org.uk

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