‘Parisian Dreams’: beneath the mask of Haussmann’s Paris

Baudelaire wrote his ‘Tableaux Parisiens’ within Les Fleurs de Mal during Haussmann’s modernisation of Paris, and the poems consider twenty-four hours spent within the capital. However, these are not the ponderings of a decadent flâneur enjoying the new cityscape created for the bourgeoisie but rather ‘a haunted traveller in a world of phantoms, an ailing […]

Why You Should Absolutely Not Watch Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Maybe you read A Series of Unfortunate Events when you were younger, or maybe you saw the 2004 movie adaption starring Jim Carrey. Maybe you even played the video game. If any of these were the case, you may have gotten a little nostalgic, when you heard of the new Netflix television series. There is […]