Sex & Love

Friend or Foe.

How is it new relationships always cause trouble with friends. Is it always on the couple or our friends just at fault? The Secret Keeper investigates and is back with a second edition of Durham drama. Ssh.

New Horizons: Long Distance Relationships and Technological Advances.

Helena Rutkowska discusses her long-distance relationship, and how tinder, texting and technology help it work.

Isabel and Harriet

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Meet our Advisors: Harriet Scott & Isabel Watkins

Isabel and Harriet

Harriet and Isabel study Classics and English respectively, and have received extensive training in a range of issues – including managing finances, family and relationships, housing, employment, consumer problems and legal matters. By working for a national helpline, they have aided people of all ages and backgrounds.

Meet our Advisors: Sophie Green

Sophie GreenSophie is a psychology student with a year’s experience volunteering for St Margaret’s Centre for mental health. She is currently a project leader for Durham Minds volunteering, running the CREE group to help those suffering from mental health issues on behalf of Durham University.