Sex & Love

It’s not as simple as a safe space.

We cannot expect to reduce, much less to reveal, the real rates of sexual violence at Durham when we are not willing to merely lend a non-judgmental, unbiased ear to their survivors. We vouch to create safe spaces, whilst we speak the language of misogyny.

The lonely heart: loneliness and isolation at university

Increasingly, loneliness is becoming an issue on university campuses and in Britain more generally. With overall loneliness comes a feeling of alienation, which can lead to more serious problems, both mental and physical. According to Psychology Today, lonely people are at a greater risk of depression, alcoholism, higher stress and anxiety levels, and often sleep […]

Isabel and Harriet

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Meet our Advisors: Harriet Scott & Isabel Watkins

Isabel and Harriet

Harriet and Isabel study Classics and English respectively, and have received extensive training in a range of issues – including managing finances, family and relationships, housing, employment, consumer problems and legal matters. By working for a national helpline, they have aided people of all ages and backgrounds.

Meet our Advisors: Sophie Green

Sophie GreenSophie is a psychology student with a year’s experience volunteering for St Margaret’s Centre for mental health. She is currently a project leader for Durham Minds volunteering, running the CREE group to help those suffering from mental health issues on behalf of Durham University.