Blind Date: Kat and Charlie

This week, Kat, a blonde biochemist who’s returned to Durham for her fourth year, went on a date with Charlie, a fresher who’s been scouted for DU fashion show. They clearly found each other attractive, but perhaps we were too optimistic with the age difference…



‘The first thing I thought when I saw Charlie was that he looked like my ex’s best mate- not a good start…but he’s gorgeous, so I got past that pretty quickly. Initially, I thought it was great, there were no awkward pauses and he asked loads of questions. However, when he mentioned for the 5th time that he had football in the morning, it began to feel like he was doing me a favour by staying. I couldn’t decide whether he was nervous, rude or it was the age difference beginning to show (he’s a fresher and I’m a 4th year). Despite this, I genuinely did have a good time with him and he was great at keeping the convo going. Then, on the way back, he suddenly pulled me down an alley (in a sexy way, don’t worry) and kissed me. He walked me back to mine and I introduced him to my friends who were all verrrryy drunk when we arrived. He totally embraced this, I didn’t feel like I had to look after him and I was suddenly looking at him in this new light- age is just a number. After a while, we went up to my room, one thing led to another and so on…and before I knew it, I was being woken up to his alarm. It was 6:45 am. Of course, football training. To make it worse, he obviously takes football very seriously and asked several times if I could make him some breakfast so I actually had to get out of bed which definitely reminded me of his age. So, we were sat in my kitchen at 6:45am making small talk. All in all, interesting one-night stand etiquette but I’m all for second chances.’



‘So Friday night was freezing and I was doing the classic fresher run down the road that leads to Elvet Riverside; I was a little lost and a little late. I had a date who, it had been relayed to me through various sources of information, was actually quite attractive. Now, although Klute is literally 20 metres away, this was no Klute- the floor was clean and the band was playing the kind of songs your Dad has on in the car. The rows of Whiskey bottles assured me that I was underdressed. However, the girl in the corner (my date) was not; in fact, she stood out (who’d have thought at 5’3”?!). She was wearing a glittery golden top that fell slightly off the shoulders. She looked amazing, kinda helped by the fact that I was told accurately: she was stunning. We went through the standard formalities that happen when you first meet someone in a bar. The topic of conversation moved from years out, to how comfy DU trackies are and finally, onto the suggestion that “hollibobs” is a word as we slowly forgot how expensive drinks were. The bar reached its peak fullness at about 9.30 and then slowly petered out. We, however, still found ourselves here engrossed in a nice little chat. It hit 12 and we decided it was probably time to go find Kat’s friends in Cuths bar but apparently everything in Durham shuts around 11 so that didn’t happen. I (a fresher) managed to show Kat (a fourth year) a cheeky little back alley that she’d never seen before (this isn’t some weird innuendo it’s the one that comes out next to Topman), who’d have thought. The evening was good fun and Kat was cracking company so I would probably see her again. Nonetheless, now into all the juicy details: thankfully, I didn’t have to walk back up the hill that night.’


A week later:

They exchanged messages but have decided not to meet up again as Kat couldn’t see it going anywhere and Charlie wants to experience freshers single.


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