The Best Sex I’ve Ever Had


This week female Bubble readers reveal the best sex they’ve ever had. What’s so telling is the variety of stories that have been sent in. It seems that women regard great sex on opposing grounds- it’s either a wild experience that goes beyond their recognition of eroticism, or it’s a deeply loving connection, memorable for its intimacy.

The One

It happened when I’d come back from a family holiday this summer so it was the first time I’d seen my boyfriend in over 2 weeks. The sex wasn’t pin-you-down-and-make-you-scream. It was just intensely loving- we were in missionary and kept eye contact the entire time. I think I realised then and there that this guy is the one. I know it sounds cliché, but we share this intimacy that I’ve never had with anyone else.

In the Moonlight

I was working at Camp America and I’d been getting to know the water ski director. This obviously came with its perks as he had access to the boats whenever he wanted. After a night of getting drunk in his cabin, he suggested we take a ride and took me into the middle of the lake at 3am. It was silent, lit by the moonlight and so romantic. We began to have sex and must have got lost in the moment when we suddenly saw police lights coming across to the boat. We manically fumbled to get our clothes back on and had to make excuses to the police who clearly knew what we’d been up to. The unexpected interruption just left us wanting more.

Break-up Sex

My (now ex) boyfriend goes to university at the other end of the country. After 2 months of distance, he came to see me and we mutually agreed that it seemed right to call it quits. Inevitably, in a moment of weakness, we had sex. It was unbelievably emotional- two months of passion in one moment. I don’t know whether it was the thought that we both knew we shouldn’t be doing it which turned me on so much or, perhaps, it was that we knew it was the last time. Either way, it was like a crescendo to our relationship, this big finale to remember each other by.

The Pantry

It was in the pantry of my college halls. We’d almost gone through with it before but thought we heard something and freaked out at the last minute. After coming back from a night out though, he pulled me into the pantry and lifted me onto the work surface. The mixture of excitement from the thought of someone coming in combined with the heat of the room (it was literally like a sauna) created this heady passion. Sweat was dripping off us and he was in complete control- I’ve never experienced anything like it.

Back Seat Sex

It was after a party with my ex-boyfriend. We’d broken up due to distance but there’s still this obvious chemistry between us and it was the first time I’d seen him for a while. The only catch was that he was bringing the new girl he’d been seeing to the party. But as soon as we saw each other, it was as though she didn’t exist and she knew it. My ex told me afterwards that she’d even said, ‘don’t you dare get with Flo*’. We live close to each other in the middle of nowhere so he ended up walking me home. Only, he didn’t let me stop at my house and walked me further on in the direction of his car. I didn’t even question it, it was as though we both just knew what was going on and the silence made this sexual tension between us palpable. He drove us around the corner onto a farm lane and then suddenly stopped. Immediately, we climbed into the back and there was this outburst of everything we’d been anticipating all night. It was so much better than anything I remembered with him and the regret in the morning was worth it.

Hangover Cure

The best I’ve ever had was just when my boyfriend showed me how much he’s into me. I was majorly hungover from the night before, I’d not shaved or showered and I stank of alcohol. Regardless, we had this slow, intimate sex which built up to this orgasm that felt like it lasted for hours and at the end, he told me he loved me for the first time.

The Giver

I met this guy in Klute who was back for an old hockey weekend. He came back to mine and made it all about me, going down on me until I was literally screaming- I actually squirted in his mouth. I’m part of that lucky 6%.

Sexual Awakening

I’d known this guy for years and he’d asked me to go out for drinks so many times but I just wasn’t into having a relationship at the time. In the end, to get him to back off, I said he could come around to mine the following Monday as a bluff. I totally forgot to cancel and he turned up on my doorstep. I knew he was a nice guy so I let him in for a coffee and we actually got on so well. Coffee led to wine and so on and we were suddenly having sex. He knew exactly what he was doing, throwing me about and putting me in positions I didn’t know existed. It went on for 4 hours and it was the first time I’d had an orgasm. He’s now been my boyfriend for 2 years.

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