What the clients say – New Close Farm Shop

For £10, New Close Farm Shop deliver a box of fresh produce to your door.

I first found out about New Close Farm veg boxes online while doing a little bit of research about these kinds of services around Durham, where I would be moving to study. The reason I was excited about the boxes is that not only everything is organic, but it’s also local and therefore produced by people you can actually personally meet and have a chat with. That aspect is unusual if you’re used to doing most of your shopping in supermarkets.

Jamie’s veg boxes don’t only make me feel pleased about supporting local farmers, but they’re also really convenient. For £10 my fridge gets supplied for the whole week with the most delicious, fresh and healthy vegetables and fruit. I don’t even need to pick the box up anywhere, because it gets delivered right to my home (by Jamie himself). There’s no subscription or membership required so the service is very flexible. I can get a box every week, once a month or whatever I like. I also like the moment of surprise after receiving each delivery, as I never know which goods are in season and that the farm has prepared for me. Thanks to this I’ve actually been introduced to new vegetables I have never seen before. On the other hand, all the preferences I have, such as not having potatoes delivered, have always been met.

The only thing I feel like could be improved is the concept of paying £10 for a non-specified amount of produce. As a result, what happens is that one week’s delivery is massive and other week it’s much more modest for no apparent reason. I assume it’s because different vegetables and fruits are priced differently – however, the box does not come with a detailed bill, nor is it priced by weight, so it can be a bit confusing at times.

Besides this I’m very happy with New Close Farm boxes, I look forward to getting one every week and I would very much recommend that everyone try the lovingly grown, beautiful fruit and vegetables for themselves!

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