A Student’s Guide to Durham’s Food and Drink Societies

In case you missed this year’s Fresher’s Fair, here’s a quick round-up of the food and drink societies available to Durham Students:

Vegetarian and Vegan Society

A community designed to support those currently practicing vegetarian or vegan lifestyles, or helping both UK and International students in their transition. They provide advice and support, even for those with a casual interest.

Their online presence is very strong, sending out new recipes and tips for making a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle at university easier.

There is also an emphasis that you do not have to vegetarian or vegan to be welcomed – even a casual interest in meat free recipes is welcomed.

Social highlights – a big meal at Christmas, and potluck socials throughout the year.

Details – membership is only £1 for the year. You can contact them through the “VegSoc” Facebook page, or by emailing veg.soc@durham.ac.uk


Baking Society

Gives you an opportunity to branch out from college desserts, learn new skills or improve your current ones, all with like-minded baking fans.

Events include visiting cafes and having tasting sessions, all revolving around baked goods. They also borrow the Alington House kitchens every term to bake yummy treats – this term it’s cheesecake!

Social highlights – screenings off the Bake Off, hosting afternoon teas, and the baking sessions at Alington House

Details – you can get an annual membership for £5, or a 4 year membership for £12


Chocolate Society

An alternative to the drinking socials that characterise much of university life, they advertise their hot chocolate crawl as one the highlights of the university year.

They aim to unite people with a sweet tooth for chilled out but delicious socials.

Currently, if you like their Facebook page, you are in for a chance to win free cake.

Social Highlights – the chocolate cake and hot chocolate crawls, a tour of the York Chocolate factory and a DIY chocolate bar class

Details – you can be a termly member (£2), an annual member (£3) or buy a 4 year membership (£8). You follow their activities and upcoming events on the DUChocSoc facebook page (www.facebook.com/DUChocSoc)


Gin Society


Run tasting socials, where they invite top distilleries in to talk about and help you taste their gins. Afterwards, they hold events where you can try gin cocktails and G&T’s using gins from the distillery you have just tried.

They have also introduced a membership card that gets you discounts at Durham hotspots such as the Boat Club, the Court Inn and Bar 33.

Social highlights – boat parties that cruise up the river, with gin and music.

Details – membership options include one year for £10, 4 year membership for £20 (including a free membership card) or you can just buy the membership card for £3


Homebrew Society

A unique society that teaches you a new skill. Members of the exec are fully qualified and will teach you how to brew at home. You can start with something simple and work up to more complex things.


Cocktail Society

One of cheapest drink societies you can join – membership only costs £5 and gets you a discount for all of their events.

They try to hold events every couple of weeks where you make and drink cocktails, before moving to a bar or club.

They have some exciting collaborations in the works with other societies such as Glitter Society that you should watch out for.

Details – annual membership is £5


Whisky Society

Hold three events every term with different whiskeys to sample. They want to give you a chance to explore the kind of whiskeys and decide what types you like.

Described as a chilled out social environment perfect for meeting new people.

Details – annual membership for £10, or a 3 year membership for £25


Cider Society

Have 3-4 different ciders to try at every event as well as providing pizza card games, for thoroughly enjoyable social events

Details – events usually cost £4 for members and £6 for non-members. You can become an annual member for £10 or a member for 3 years for £20



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