#RoundUp: Foodstagrams to follow

Put down your camera, forget about uploading that snap of your latest dish and let me introduce you to the professionals. These food Instagram accounts have nailed the art of capturing a delicious, aesthetically pleasing plate of food; harvesting thousands of likes and followers with every fork, plate and spoonful. Here’s my round-up of the best foodstagrams for every kind of foodie – guaranteed to leave you drooling over your newsfeed!

Best food porn

(Note: A warning to all vegans and vegetarians, you probably won’t find much inspiration from this category!)

Showcasing the fattest, stickiest, gooiest pictures of fast food you can feast your eyes on, Food Bible’s Instagram account will always put you in the mood for a big, fat cheesy burger or anything that’s been deep-fried and smothered in Nutella.

If you’re looking for excess, you’ve come to the right place. I don’t know what filter they use on their photos, or whether the food’s just pumped full of additives, but each and every post is a vibrant, luminous, edible mess of deliciousness – think incandescently pink glazed doughnuts, rainbow cake pops and molten lakes of canary yellow melted cheese.

With its tagline ‘#EatLikeSh*t’, the Vulgar Chef provides inspiration across nations for us all to bin the salad and get down and dirty with a fat burger. Aside from blessing us with enough photos of heart-attack inducing fast food, Vulgar Chef also provides the answer to that lifelong mystery of what Disney Princesses would look like if they were made out of garlic bread…

Most artistic

Speaking as a person who shamefully is never up in time to make or eat breakfast, this account gives me hope and inspiration that one day I might get my life together enough to create such beautiful breakfasts. Each post showcases two perfectly symmetrical dishes inspired by foods from all around the world, such as Italian Cornetti con crema, Spanish smoked salmon and chard frittata, Hong Kong rolled matcha egg waffles and the list goes on! If you’re feeling adventurous one morning, have a look at their Instagram or cookbook and give one of their dishes a go (and if you don’t have a partner to eat your other symmetrical breakfast, just scoff the extra portion yourself).

If we really do eat with our eyes first, then this account will leave you ravenous, for it is filled to the brim with exceptionally beautiful food collages that are works of art in their own right. Julie’s food collages are strewn with seasonal slices of delicate fruit, petals, leaves and vegetables all twirling around in hues of pastel pinks, limes, earthy greens, sunshine yellows and deep magentas. A deliciously fresh, lively and gorgeous Instagram account.

Taking baking to the next level, the ‘London based Cake & Food Creatives’ make bespoke, unique and crazy cake and confectionary. Zombie Easter eggs with jelly brains? No problem. A life-size Dobby the elf cake? Done. A gigantic Back to the Future DeLorean car cake with time circuits, flux capacitor, smoke machine in the exhausts, edible gadgetry, seats, bonnet, and liquorice wires? Not an issue for these guys. If you can think of it, they can bake it!

Best vegan & healthy eating

This is a great account to check out if you’ve got a sweet tooth but are looking to swap all the refined sugar for a healthier alternative. Known for her ‘cream-free cream tea’ events and healthy crumbles, Livia’s kitchen provides an abundance of recipes and inspiration for “delicious, indulgent and natural treats free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar”.

Ella Woodward bases her food philosophy on a wholefood, plant-based diet that is free from meat, dairy, refined sugar and wheat after this natural and holistic approach helped to cure her rare illness. This philosophy is at the heart of her hugely successful and popular Instagram account, blog, recipe books and newly opened Mae Deli. Although cutting out sugar, wheat, dairy, meat etc. out of your diet may seem quite drastic, Ella provides inspiration to many to make subtle changes to their diet or to try out a few of her recipes to show just how easy and delicious healthy food really is, whilst your body reaps the benefits.

Here’s a really good account to follow if you’re looking for tasty clean eating recipe ideas that don’t cut out meat, dairy and gluten. In addition to posting breakfast, lunch and dinners packed full of veggies, protein and fibre, Clean Eating Alice also posts inspirational quotes and short, easy to follow fitness videos that’ll inspire you to become a fitter, healthier and happier person.

Quirkiest food

A spoof account of health and vegan guru ‘Deliciously Ella’, this is a hilariously satirical account run by comedian Bella Younger, who parodies the cult of clean eaters with photos of fruit pastels counting as her ‘five a day’ and a bottle of WKD as ‘nourishing blue juice.’ Another personal favourite is a post where she straps six fab lollies to her stomach post-workout and writes “check out my #fab #abs.” I think I agree with Deliciously Stella when she says “have a gluttonous day everyone.”

Featuring a highly relatable tagline of ‘Have your cake, eat hers too’, Girls with Gluten is another account perhaps reacting to the recent army of health conscious gluten-haters storm trooping their way through Instagram. Mostly featuring hot girls scoffing their way through pizza, burgers, cake and pastries, these posts feature everything I personally aspire to be.

A very cheerful, charming account that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face even on the gloomiest of days. Created by a Melbourne mum for her young son Jacob, Jacob’s Food Diaries is chock-a-block full of creative plates of food resembling all your favourite Disney and childhood characters. A Winnie the Pooh made out of gnocchi, a Miss Piggy made out of salmon and pasta, and a Mickey the Mouse created out of Caprese salad all feature on this fabulously fun account.

Most student-friendly

Lily Canetty-Clarke is a second-year Psychology student whose Instagram is full of thrifty, healthy and delicious student meals, such as spiralised zoodles with tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and homemade pesto, speedy avocado and sundried tomato salads and banana and baobab breakfast bars. If you’re looking for some healthy yet inexpensive meal ideas that guarantee you won’t be snacking at the Yum Café throughout the day, then this is a great student foodie account to follow to get daily meal and fitness inspiration.

‘Eating big on a small budget’ is a line all students like to hear. Run by two 21-year-old students, The Student Food Channel offers flavoursome lunch and dinner ideas that are easy to make and cheap to buy ingredients for. If you like the sound of yummy, hassle-free food that isn’t completely constricted to just vegan, vegetarian or fitness inspired dishes – think homemade chips with bangers and veg, homemade burgers with sweet potato wedges, quesadillas, and coconut chicken curry – then this is the account for you!

Any Durham student foodie worth their salt should absolutely head over here for a daily fix of all things delicious! Not only is it jam-packed with tasty, healthy and easy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes, but is also always hot on the trail of Durham’s finest food destinations. We all know that Durham is crammed full with enough cafés to feed the whole student population, but if you feel too confused as to where is best to spend that student loan, this account provides the best and most helpful recommendations.

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