#FoodGuide: Ultimate London Hunt

Duck & Waffle

“Duck and Waffle” & “House Breakfast”

During the holidays, I paid a visit to this wonderful restaurant. Located on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower on Liverpool Street, the restaurant offers a panoramic view of London and serves a variety of dishes ranging from traditional British breakfast to late night snacks. Aside from being open 24/7, the restaurant also offers cocktails in their bar area, which is ideal for chilling with friends.

I ordered the signature “Duck and Waffle” and the “House Breakfast” – a traditional British cooked breakfast. My absolute favourite was the duck as it was perfectly cooked with a crispy skin texture that worked surprisingly well with a waffle, fried egg and maple syrup. Another delight was the unique combination of barbecue sauce and ketchup with toast, instead of the traditional (and rather essential) butter and jam.

If watching the sunset or sunrise with a panoramic view of London is high on your list, or if you have a bigger budget to watch the fireworks during NYE, Duck and Waffle should be your ideal spot!


Juicy lobster roll & creamy chowder

Fancy a quick yet substantial meal? Why don’t you try the lobster master near Leicester Square? Smack is a tiny seafood restaurant offering all things lobster, with a variety of lobster rolls, salads and chowder.

You would never expect a £10 lobster roll to be so exceptional! The roll was generously stuffed with juicy lobster meat and the buttery brioche bun was gorgeously toasted. Trust me when I say that you would not want to share it with anyone as it tasted like heaven. The lobster chowder was another highlight of the meal. The soup was creamy and rich in meaty flavour with generous chunks of lobster meat. If you are a lobster lover, you can’t miss this brilliant restaurant!


“Lamb Shank Panang” & “King Prawn Pad Thai”

Patara is a Thai restaurant recommended by a friend during my stay in London. Located in Soho, the interior and décor of the restaurant were rather glamorous and sophisticated so do expect the food to be on the pricey side.

My friend ordered the “King Prawn Pad Thai” and I ordered the “Lamb Shank Panang with Coconut Rice”. The mild spice of the panang tasted a bit like coconut curry, which would definitely become your favourite if you’re like me and love some spice but can’t take really hot food. Coated in this mild curry, the lamb was beautifully done with a juicy touch. The pad thai was equally fantastic (just looking at this picture makes my mouth water!), you could taste the freshness of prawns as its consistency was springy, and the exotic flavour of the dish was indescribable. I promise you that you will not leave the restaurant disappointed!

Borough Markets

Pork belly and crackling sandwich

I’m sure that many of you have already heard of Borough Market. It’s a food market located near London Bridge with a range of stalls selling all sorts of different food and drink offerings at fair prices. Saturday is the busiest day of the week as almost all of the stalls are open and the market is packed with locals as well as tourists.

My top recommendation at the market would be the “Pork Belly and Crackling Sandwich” in Roast To Go, which is located underneath the Roast restaurant. The pork belly was served with a classic Bramley apple sauce – an excellent combo, and the crispy pork crackling tasted like Chinese BBQ pork. The sandwich was extremely filling (more than enough for a lunch!) as I was stuffed even though I had shared it with my friend!

The best hot chocolate in London!

Another must-try at the Borough Market is Rabot 1745, which is a coffee shop famous for its hot chocolate. The moment I stepped into the shop I was greeted by the rich aroma of cacao. Trust me when I say that this hot chocolate is the best you can find in London! It offers a thick, creamy texture with a very mild bitter taste, which comes from the cacao. What’s better than spending an afternoon with a friend in this chocolate wonderland?


I went to Belgo in Covent Garden for dinner on my very first night in London because I just miss it so much from my last visit! Belgo is a Belgian restaurant renowned for its mussels. It serves a whole pot of mussels and a bowl of fries for only £13.50! I picked the “Marinière” flavour, which was a creamy sauce made up of garlic, celery and white wine. Personally, I prefer this sauce than the traditional one as it gives a stronger flavour that really brings out the taste of the mussels. If you are not a seafood lover, don’t worry as Belgo’s menu also offers a selection of traditional roast chicken, burgers, rib-eye steak and more. You’ll definitely find a dish you fancy at Belgo!

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