Walk On Charity Fashion Show 2017: Moving for Miale

On Monday 27th February, a new Charity Fashion Show graced the Durham calendar. Walk On Charity Fashion Show, organised by an independent group of students in collaboration with the African and Caribbean Society, brought the patterns of Africa to the city of Durham.


Mangishi Doll – by Mike Dennison


Bushbells – by Mike Dennison


From the dazzling couture of Nigerian designer Zizi Cardow and the breathtaking prints of House of D’abo to the colourful beachwear of Bushbells, made in Kenya, the Walk On catwalk showcased the diversity of African fashion. The notorious underwear walk featured bespoke pieces from London College of Fashion. The fashion show also included jewellery brands such as Tada & Toy and Band4Hope. Throughout the show, models wore the trackable copper and zinc Band4Hope wristbands, each with a unique ID number which allow the bands to be passed on to friends and family and raise money for charity as they travel around the world.


Izelia by Charlotte Jaeger

Mammaw by Charlotte Jaeger


The motivation for Walk On Charity Fashion Show was to raise enough money to build new classrooms for the children of Miale Primary School in Tanzania, where Rachel Hanley, one of the organisers of the fashion show, volunteered last summer. Walk On 2017 is also supporting local children by donating a portion of the proceeds to Heel & Toe, a charity operating in the North-East of England which helps children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. The auction was roaring success, raising almost £1000 and the JustGiving page is continuing to take donations. So far, Walk On has raised £6000 for their two chosen charities.


The exec would like to thank everyone involved in bringing the event together and to everyone who has donated so far. With only 50% of children in Tanzania passing their primary school exams, the money raised from the show can help this number to change. From providing new environments and materials, Walk On will facilitate the necessary means to improve education, our greatest tool to change the world


Visit the show’s JustGiving page for Miale School here: 



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