Top University Fashion Essentials

Let’s be honest here – the first week of Fresher’s week, you styled each and every outfit and wore a different outfit each day because you treated it like it was London Fashion Week. Truth be told, now that we’re halfway through the term, the truth is you’ve slacked and it’s, undoubtedly, way too much effort to really plan an outfit for those 9 am lectures. However, we’ve got you covered and here are our top uni essentials (for Durham because it’s simply…too…cold).


Whether you’re going to lectures or going to the club, you’re going to need this draped around you to keep you warm.

Try this one from Urban Outfitters!


It doesn’t matter whether this jumper was £5 from a charity shop or from your school sports kit – it’ll look and feel good. For those days where you’ve just had too many potatoes from the canteen or you want to feel cosy, the oversized jumper will be your best friend.

Fleeces and jumpers are the best way to go!


It doesn’t matter if you actually go to the gym or not – wearing trainers pretty much every single day will save your life. From sprinting to the 9 am lecture to struggling back home on a night out, at least you can do it in style and comfort.

Pair trainers with checkered trousers and you’ll be sorted!


The sad truth is that skinny jeans are just too tight and ultimately not that comfortable. If you’re going to Billy B for a whole day, you definitely won’t want to do it in skinny jeans (which are probably restricting all the blood flow to your brain anyway). Instead, opt for mom jeans for a more laid back and relaxed vibe that is also comfortable (and will at least let you study effectively).

Pair your boyfriend jeans with a baggy T-shirt.


No matter which you go for, you’re going to need a large backpack to carry all of your books and laptop around to lectures. Ditch the handbag (which will have you tottering to one side anyway) and opt for a comfy backpack to take the weight off your shoulders (literally).


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