Behind the Scenes: GCCFS17

‘A fashion spectacle like you’ve never seen before’ – Anna Wintour

‘Somebody let me in on these models fitness routines’ – The Rock

‘I want them in my squad’ – Taylor Swift

The Grey College Charity Fashion Show is the annual highlight of every Grey student’s social calendar. This year’s show will be held on Thursday the 9th March at Missoula Durham, a larger venue than years past. Looking to once again dispel the myth that we are ‘Grey by name, Grey by nature’ this year’s guests can expect more magical surprises than ever before. But you won’t have to wait until March to feast your eyes on this year’s talent; our launch event at Fabio’s will be taking place one month in advance of the show so join us as we go nutty on Thursday 9th February in collaboration with Cashew; the sponsors of our Launch Night. As headshots are to be released later this week, with an exclusive sneak preview enclosed below as well as a discussion of what has inspired this year’s theme of ‘Enchanted’, you can be rest assured that Grey College Fashion Show is well and truly on its way.

 ‘As both Pippa and I take non-creative subjects, running the fashion show has been the perfect opportunity to explore this passion of ours, and one of the most exciting ways of doing this is through deciding and carrying out the theme’

Sophia Rashid, Co-Chair

Choosing a theme was difficult. We wanted a theme that could not only be reflected in the decoration, but also the brands we are representing and the overall promotion of the show. At the beginning of the creative process we had not collated a comprehensive list of brands and thus needed to choose a theme broad enough to lend itself to a number of styles. Simplicity is key, which is why we went back to our roots whilst simultaneously offering a sense of escapism from those summative deadlines and decided on the theme of ‘Enchanted’. After this, we sought to find brands which would reflect our mystical theme. Two of our female brands this year emphasise it perfectly. When it comes to clothing, we see Enchanted as lending itself perfectly to feminine, unique and above all, magical collections.

For woman’s lingerie, we have secured the luxury London retailer ‘edge o beyond.’ Every inch of fabric used is home-sourced from Europe and all of the pieces are hand-made in the UK. The resulting pieces are stunning, unique and sexy sets of lingerie. The intricate nature and beautiful colours of these articles seamlessly tie in with our theme, and we can’t wait to see our beautiful and diverse models glide down the catwalk and showcase them at their full potential.

Tamia Set from Edge O’ Beyond

Another brand particularly reflective of our theme is Jarlo London. Their classically elegant dresses are perfect for our black tie walk. The dresses are simple yet exquisite and their floaty and ethereal nature will leave the audience mesmerized. We particularly love the delicate silky look which suffuses the collection. This is a look which has permeated a number of high fashion spring/summer collections; we especially loved Maria Grazia Chiuri’s debut collection for Dior and her use of naturalism in the garden setting for the walk as this mixture of naturalism and high fashion is a theme we hope to emulate in this walk.

‘Entering the forest’ on the night is certain to be an enchanting experience for all. Without revealing too much, you can hope to expect an emphasis on twinkling lights, beautiful flowers, and magical music. We have been extremely lucky in our venue as we have been given a lot of interesting design features to work with, from pillars to balconies and a unique L-shaped stage

Model Nina Pandya, First Year

For our headshots this year, we’ve kept it very simple, as we wanted the focus to be on our beautiful and unique selection of models. We asked all of them to keep makeup to a minimum, and come wearing a plain white t-shirt. The photos were shot just outside of Grey, by the forest, once again tying into this year’s theme. Our very own head of media committee, Steve Tatlow, designed our Logo this year. Whereas other fashion shows this year have departed from their allegiance with their college, ours remains closely linked and our logo reflects this. It takes the rough shape of the phoenix, the Grey college animal, symbolic of the fire in 1959 that burned part of the college down. It also reflects our theme with the mystical tree in the middle surrounded by stars. Working with Steve to create this then also helped inspire one of our main taglines for the show ‘Enter the Forest…’ which reflects the temptation and magic that suffuse the Grey College Fashion Show. So stay tuned for ticket information which will be released soon, as we collaborate with Fixr to bring you three tiers of table on the night. We hope you will be enchanted this March as we Enter the Forest for our charity; Mind.

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